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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Making Successful Decisions through the Strategy, Law & Ethics Model by University of Michigan

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About the Course

Successful decision making is based on three key pillars: strategy, law and ethics. After taking this course you will be able to use a practical framework based on these three elements to make successful business, personal and leadership decisions. This course opens with an example of a leadership decision: President Barack Obama’s strategic decision to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. The course then shows how the three elements can be used to prevent a tragedy when making a personal decision. The rest of the course focuses on making successful business decisions.  In essence, to achieve business and career success, you must create value (strategy) and manage risk (law) in a responsible manner (ethics). Because the Law Pillar plays a central role in the three pillar model, the course includes practical legal briefings (with many examples) on the key elements of business success. Specifically, the course shows you how to: • attract the best employees, • develop successful products, • create new business models, • protect intellectual property, • create contracts that achieve business goals, and • use dispute resolution processes that improve business relationships. Using a global perspective, the course also provides an introduction to international business culture for learners from the United States, and an introduction to the U.S. business culture for learners from outside the U.S....

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It is an excellent course with a lot of knowledge and experience .

I am happy that I took this course


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Content wise the Strategic, Law and Ethics Model is good. Very Informative and covers almost all the Ethics and Laws in terms of Products, Goods, Public Laws.

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By Vrunda V

May 15, 2018

Content wise the Strategic, Law and Ethics Model is good. Very Informative and covers almost all the Ethics and Laws in terms of Products, Goods, Public Laws.

By Beatriz J d C

Nov 10, 2021

I loved the professor! Very interesting stuff was discussed. He made a topic that could seem dry in something very practical and applicable to real-life problems.

By Don H

Feb 24, 2017

Heads and Shoulders above typical online ... blah blah (Im teaching because I can't do anything else productive in the world). Prof. Seidel is a top notch, world class down to the roots, model instructor.

You won't find better instruction than this class ... anywhere, at any dollar amount.

Don Hall, N.D./N.M.D.

By Militsa T

Dec 8, 2016

Both courses from this lector are very useful and beneficial, strongly recommend. At 2 of the weeks in this one he uses videos from the other course, so maybe you want to pass it first and safe time here later.


Apr 22, 2020

It is so great to have participated in this course . Its opened my eyes to lots of business decisions.. I will recommend it to my friends.

By Carlos D A J

May 4, 2020

Simply great! I learned a lot and reinforced a lot of knowedge, thanks a lot! I am very grateful and happy

By Omar S L

Jul 11, 2016

Excellent course. The examples and the way it is taught are amazing. Learning and enjoying guaranteed.

By Brenna R

Aug 19, 2017

Final exam is really hard. It's worth reading ALL of the suggested readings before taking this exam.

By Vera P

May 28, 2020

Excellent overview of US corporate law and ethics. Clear presentations and lectures.

By Tracey S

Mar 11, 2020

Excellent course - great information on product liability and IP protection

By Steven T

Jun 9, 2019

Very informative and enlightening. Excellent instruction given.

By Beresford A D

Aug 9, 2016

This course is essential for executives without accounting or law as proficiencies in their portfolios. Taking this "Three Pillar Model for Business Decisions: Strategy, Law & Ethics," prepare a manager to go about the business delivery with all those conceptual tools he needs to get his job done, running the business. As an IT and Music Analytics business person, I find this Coursera and Michigan University course offering essentially to making proper decisions. Problem I find though an excellent course is that the book: “ Three Pillar Models for Business Decisions: Strategy, Law & Ethics,” carries no INDEX that would help to pass the final exam quickly as time and effort is most important for us busy bodies. I could design a watch from this “Three Pillars . . . ,” course.

By Alper S

Feb 1, 2024

Hello. I Founder of a Startup in the IT sector in Delaware, America. I have a mobile application called Favoritan: Just Favorites, which is available in Android and iOS stores. I hope to grow my Startup with the "Making Successful Decisions through the Strategy, Law & Ethics Model" course. Thank you for everything, Mr. George Siedel and Susan Kornfield J.D.

By Зелинский А К

Aug 27, 2020

Совершенно замечательный, понятный, интересный и

применимый на практике курс.

Профессор George Siedel, действительно достоин своих высоких званий

и регалий.

Спасибо Всем, кто принимал участие в программе от Мичиганского

университета, спасибо Всем за Coursera

By Tran C

Jan 28, 2021

I love the teacher. He's gentle, insightful, and pleasant. I learned a great deal of negotiation strategies from him, practical examples he presented, and an ethical way of negotiating. After the course, I actually went on to take another course from him.

By Jérémie C

Sep 2, 2020

My fist course online ever. Very satisfied with the information learned and the quality of teaching from Mr. Siedel. The flexible learning format has been perfect for me. Will definitely take more classes on Coursera and from this specific teacher!

By Anup J

Aug 4, 2016

Mind blowing. Though i was somewhat aware of these aspects of Strategy, Law & Ethics, but were pleasantly enlightened by the course material that had organised my thoughts more clearly. Thanks a ton.

By Jorge G M

Mar 28, 2017

Really interesting and useful. The modules covers a wide range of subjects regarding ethics, law and strategy issues. You can get tips and skills to put into practice in

By John H

Mar 7, 2021

I have more than 30 years of professional work and experience and thoroughly enjoyed the course. Test was trickier than anticipated, but a good challenge nonetheless.

By Thomas E

Dec 8, 2016

a concise look at managing a business through a successful process of Three Pillars, balancing strategy, legal and ethical concerns in an organization

By Isabela d R d S

Dec 14, 2020

This course definitely helped me to expand horizons. I recommend it to everyone!!!!!!! A hug from Brazil, University of Michigan! :)

By Guillermo E

Jun 25, 2020

Great course for any student or professional to learn to balance strategy, law and ethics in the day to day business decisions.

By Ulrike S

Feb 15, 2018

Great course, great overview of legal issues related with business decisions and suggestions how one could deal with them.

By Chee T

Aug 7, 2020

George Siedel is one of the best lecturers that I ever met in my education life! I'm so enjoying to attend his classes!!

By joshua q

May 20, 2018

learnt so much from this course..l am so looking to forward to learn some more interesting things related to business..