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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Learning to Teach Online by UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales)

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Are you an educator? Have you ever wanted to understand more about how to design your class to make better use of educational technology – whether fully online or in blended contexts? Would you like to learn from those who have extensive practical experience with online technologies? The Learning to Teach Online (LTTO) MOOC will help you develop a working understanding of successful online teaching strategies that you can apply in your own practice. The course is based upon the multi award winning open educational resource developed by Dr Simon McIntyre and Karin Watson. Integrating online technologies into your teaching can be a challenging prospect, and it can be difficult to know how to approach it effectively for the benefit of both students and yourself. No one knows your own content and teaching strengths better than you, and the “one size fits all” formula doesn’t always suit everyone. No matter what type of technology you are interested in exploring or your level of experience, this course will help you draw on your teaching strengths and find the approach that is right for you, your students and your educational context. This course will guide you through your journey of understanding how online technologies can enhance your course design. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of effective online teaching practices and their relationship to the use of different technologies. You will also be encouraged to progressively design and reflect upon your own online learning activity, assessment or resource for use in your own class if you choose to undertake the course assignments....

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Aug 13, 2020

If a person takes the time to read all of the attached pdfs and website you can get quite a detailed knowledge of this topic. The course did a very good job of mirroring the principles that it taught.

Aug 19, 2020

It was an awesome experience for me in improving, especially my teaching skills to a new paradigm, I learned and benefited immensely from the course, as the course design is meticulously well planned.

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By Lavanya J

Jun 29, 2020

It was detailed and helped me to understand a lot on online teaching. In india, online teaching had not been practised. Just when the COVID pandemic striked India, has India taken a sudden leap towards online teaching. Mobiles had been banned for use for college students inside the campus even the day before the pandemic struck and immediately when personal contact was not possible, they expect the teachers and students to shift to online mode overnight.....


Aug 9, 2020

I Thank wholeheartedly, the faculty members Dr Simon Mclntyre and Dr Negin Mirrahi who developed this course and also the supporting staff . You are all doing a great service to faculty members working in different parts of the world . I thank the authorities of UNSW and the Australian Government for supporting this Project . Thank You Once again - Dr M Thiru Chitrambalam , Professor , dept. of Mechanical Engineering , AVIT , Chennai , India

By Christo S

May 24, 2020

Fantastic Course. this is not like a subject. This course will take us to known to unknown. I thorougly enjoyed each and every bit of sessions. Now i started applying the techniques in my regular teachings and evaluation. Thank you so much Dr Negin and Prof. Simon for your wonderful sessions. sessions beautifully designed and executed. I could see your hardwork and concern in each and every module and assessment. Thank you so much once again.

By Kent H M

Jul 8, 2020

Thanks for giving an opportunity to learn with plethora of experts. I was about to give up but the motivation that wad given to me by this course and others helped me a lot completing this course. This online experience is one of the remarkable and phenomenal for its comprehensiveness. I am looking forward to enrolling your course once again. Rest assured, all the learning I’ve got will be applied. Again, my sincerest gratitude everyone!

By Maria A A D C

Jul 6, 2020

This course is intelligently design to help me as an educator to improve what I know and what I can, as well as provided me a lot of information that will make me more confident to teach most specially online. Thank you to all the intelligent people behind this program. Congratulations for bringing out another person in me to become more fruitful and willing to share nd payback your good deeds. More successful years to come to all of you

By Michael D R

Jun 29, 2020

Excellent course. I am new to this field and learned a lot. Lots of well developed and organized materials and videos. My only recommendation is that we should maybe do the first assignment after the 2nd week. I did not feel I was knowledgeable enough to start reviewing other students' assignments after just the first week in the course. Again, thank you for developing and conducting this course.

Michael D. Roberts, New York City, USA

By Ashay D

Jun 24, 2020

It is an excellent course. I would like to thank the training team for the very well designed course. You practice what you preach in your course. Designing the online course, aligning the learning outcomes with the objectives. Self assessments, Peer assessments etc. Step wise videos and training material is made available. Thank you very much for the fantastic course, with exposure to various types of technologies.

By Harald d V

Aug 7, 2020

Excellent course. This was my first time attending a course via Coursera. It works very well with the assignments and peer assessments. The assessment rubric is a very good way to assess other people's work. I have learned a lot with the help of the case studies and the practical assignments. Very well set up and structured learning environment, I can recommend it to anyone interested in designing online learnings.

By Kristy T

Jul 13, 2020

The course requires a lot of reading but the content is somewhat individualized based upon the level of education you teach at. I did learn quite a bit about teaching online through this course and have a much better understanding of how it needs to be delivered quite differently than traditional in-person teaching. The class provides a lot of different information and you can choose which areas to read more about.

By Mallika B B A

May 2, 2020

Really a well planned and aligned course, which helped me to understand the available online tools, the suitability of the tools in courses, besides learning about course alignment, the evaluation module has improved my understanding of "Teaching online".

Next time if I will use any technology/tool/resource for my blended teaching and learning this course of, course era will be my reference. Thank you Course era.

By Mary S

Apr 4, 2020

This course was so helpful. I am most grateful that I started it when I did, given the arrival of Covid. I found the structure very user friendly, the content adaptable for a wide variety of applications and the resources on all topics extensive and helpful. The course instructors did a wonderful job of developing and delivering a course that exemplifies the possibilities of a well-designed online course.

By Saima M

Jul 16, 2020

Its a great course. In our profession, and I think in all professions except the profession of teaching itself, we are not formally trained to teach our specialty curriculum, or to design and evaluate it. So in this regard, in addition to learning online teaching, this course has created an awareness about many core ideas on teaching itself, and this will also help me in my future teaching assignments.

By Dr S S

May 4, 2020

It's a very nice course, Very exhaustive and elaborate. Really taught me so many things and concepts related to online teaching. Hope you keep giving me access to this course even after I finish this course, so that I can always use this for reference. That way it will motivate me to recommend the course to others as well. Thanks a lot and Best wishes to all who join this course. Happy learning!

By Hope D

May 27, 2020

This course was better than I thought it would be. I love how informative it is and how I was able to immediately apply that knowledge. The Professors are awesome with their approach to assisting with each of the assignments and how they guide you through each module. In addition and most important for me, was the amount of resources that was given to support and guide my understanding. Thank You!!!

By Maria J S

Jul 14, 2020

Coursera has helped me organize my way of planning for preparing the e-Modules for online classes; and the modules in Learning to Teach Online gave me additional insights about the strategies of blended and flipped learning of students, the importance of teacher-presence in online classes and the good effects of giving constructive feedback to students’ submission of their assignments and projects.

By Farukh M

Jul 30, 2020

I have learnt a lot in this course as I learnt how to use new tools to increase student engagement and learnt how to motivate students and enhance their learning by learning from peers . I learnt new online models and how to apply a diversified approach when designing an online activity. Then I learnt evaluation techniques and thus keep on improving to enhance the learning experience of students .

By Maria R R A

May 24, 2020

This course is really helpful in providing authentic online learning experience at the Graduate School Level, because it really encourages learners to write their own idea and cite supporting literature and evidence that the idea really works. Better yet if all the Links provided in the individual reading assignments are visited regularly to check accessibility. Thanks for the learning...

By Elisabeth T

Apr 3, 2018

This is a well planned course. I am happy to have gone through this eventhough I have been doing e-learning for 2 years now, I still get very good tips and receive new materials to read and also the two professors touched on issues I never thought off before. The Forum community is great, the Moderators gave good Feedbacks and their online presence is definately there. The participants

By Anais B

Aug 9, 2018

This course has been so useful! I learned a lot about instructional design and methods to teach online in a conscious, rigorous and efficient way. I really enjoyed going through the content and interacting with the class, and doing the two assignments. Obviously, the designers of this class are themselves experts of online teaching! Thank you so much for making me a better teacher.

By Immaculate M

May 27, 2020

For a person who has just begun online teaching and now its become very important, I guess this was one of the courses that helped me understand how Online technology can be more interactive and make it effective. As it was a suggested course by my colleague, I recommend and suggest others to definitely take up this course as it has a lot of learning and enriching experience.

By Jenny E G M

Aug 12, 2020

Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real-life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course."

This has more than met my expectations.A wonderfully practical course - both personally and professionally. I will take away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply.

By Ntombikayise M

Aug 5, 2020

This was a well needed course! Eye opening and enlightening! I have learned a lot from it and i am going to gain more confidence in the presentation of online learning using the different platforms through practice! Planning and designing a winning way of teaching online is what is needed these days! So thank you so much to the facilitators! You have made a difference!

By Mc D L

Apr 10, 2020

I appreciate fully the impressive construction of all contents and resources in this course. I'd love thanking personally everyone behind this immensely useful project. Cheers. I'm forever grateful. I'd be even gladder if you give at least sort of a free, little certificate fo those who could not afford the real certificate. Please. Thanks. Send it to my email please.

By Hua Y

Jun 5, 2020

One of the best courses I've ever taken. The resources provided are very practical, covering every aspect you can imagine. I particularly liked the personalized recommendations, which addressed my needs. Thank the whole team so much for offering such a thorough teaching training course. Because of your help, I feel so confident in delivering my online lessons now.


Jun 6, 2020

I learnt an important lesson that online technologies can not be blindly used for all of the teaching and assessment tasks. One needs to identify the right tool for the right task. Though I was aware of what-is-what, this course has given the right insight into exactly what is to be done.

Thanks to UNSW, the Instructors and Coursera for this wonderful opportunity.