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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Learning to Teach Online by UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales)

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Are you an educator? Have you ever wanted to understand more about how to design your class to make better use of educational technology – whether fully online or in blended contexts? Would you like to learn from those who have extensive practical experience with online technologies? The Learning to Teach Online (LTTO) MOOC will help you develop a working understanding of successful online teaching strategies that you can apply in your own practice. The course is based upon the multi award winning open educational resource developed by Dr Simon McIntyre and Karin Watson. Integrating online technologies into your teaching can be a challenging prospect, and it can be difficult to know how to approach it effectively for the benefit of both students and yourself. No one knows your own content and teaching strengths better than you, and the “one size fits all” formula doesn’t always suit everyone. No matter what type of technology you are interested in exploring or your level of experience, this course will help you draw on your teaching strengths and find the approach that is right for you, your students and your educational context. This course will guide you through your journey of understanding how online technologies can enhance your course design. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of effective online teaching practices and their relationship to the use of different technologies. You will also be encouraged to progressively design and reflect upon your own online learning activity, assessment or resource for use in your own class if you choose to undertake the course assignments....

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Aug 13, 2020

If a person takes the time to read all of the attached pdfs and website you can get quite a detailed knowledge of this topic. The course did a very good job of mirroring the principles that it taught.


Mar 30, 2021

I have found the course to be interesting with plenty of valuable information provided as part of the course and through interaction with fellow teachers and trainers from a wide range of disciplines.

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By Deleted A

Mar 31, 2021

I have found the course to be interesting with plenty of valuable information provided as part of the course and through interaction with fellow teachers and trainers from a wide range of disciplines.

By Rajeev R

Aug 20, 2020

It was an awesome experience for me in improving, especially my teaching skills to a new paradigm, I learned and benefited immensely from the course, as the course design is meticulously well planned.

By Timo C

Jun 19, 2017

Good lecturers, clear delivery, and lots of great reading materials. What I really like about this course is that it is so well organised, using their own protocols, which are documented and shared with the student, that following the course gives you some idea of what a good online course should look like.

The forums are moderated, but not by the teachers of the course, which creates a slight disconnect. However, posted comments are read and replied to, which is good.

Some of the materials feel dated for the topic (as far back as articles about wikis and blogging published in 2009!). This could be improved.

Another thing I liked a lot was that the assignments were really challenging (not multiple choice exams) and you are rewarded for using sources presented to you during the course in your assignments. Peer feedback system works quite well.

By Elliot D

Dec 28, 2016

There is nothing revolutionary in this course about teaching online, however, I do believe that it teaches the fundamentals well. If you are new to online teaching or perhaps would like to tune up your skills and make sure that what you are doing is best practice then this course is for you.

By Lazaros M

May 28, 2020

Not very satisfied with the course here.

It looks like a collection of interviews from various people who have found success in teaching online.

I understand that hearing their opinion helps, but it did not feel like a complete course

By Michael M

May 9, 2020

This was an incredible online course that taught me a lot about online teaching. The resources for the course was vast, the instructors were extremely professional and experienced and provided great insights and knowledge into the curriculum. The self-assessments throughout the course were extremely valuable and the resources page paid dividends and provided a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommended this course to my government agency. I took the techniques that I have learned and successfully applied them to my curriculum. I was strictly an in classroom-type teaching person but after completion of this superb course, I changed a few of my courses to blended learning, as well as other courses that I made to work online. I am ready to use the numerous online approaches platforms and modalities I learned from this course. Highly recommend 5 stars!!

By Gabriela F

Mar 5, 2017

I am loving this course! Never did I take an online course with this amount of support and extra reading to help me cope with the lack of face-to-face moments with a teacher. The reading suggestions so far are spot on and I already feel more comfortable with the course itself. They even guide us on how to evaluate better an online course. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for creating this for us teachers!

By Kalaichelvan G

Jun 26, 2020

The Course has been structured exceptionally well and helped a senior teacher like I to boot up online teaching! The given resources are excellent and this course itself a model to desing, deploy and to motivate learners by way of videos quizzes! Hats off to the creators and presentors and all the co-participants in teaching this!

By Harsha M B

Jun 8, 2020

I am extremely Grateful to the creators of the course and the mentors for making learning holistic and enjoyable, besides exposing me to the magnitude of possibilities in facilitating teaching and learning in an acceptable and joyous manner.

Got excellent insight into the galaxy of teaching-learning methods ans media available.

By Tatiana B

Jun 23, 2020

Fantastic course! It is really rich and provides tons of content. The teachers explain the material very clearly. I definitely learned a lot due to this course.

The only minor downside is that some links to the resources in this course are no longer available (the websites are too old, the webpages do not exist anymore, etc.)

By Darío G

May 13, 2020

It was my first MOOC and I have to say that I really liked the experience because of how they have structured the course and for the amount of generic and personalized material that they offer you. If you are looking for a course that will help you solve the shortcomings of your online teaching, THIS IS YOUR COURSE.

By Fara T

Jun 16, 2020

It's thorough. It assesses where we are in terms of online teaching and gives us a multitude of resources to help us journey through this new and complicated process. The videos presented are precise and the quizzes and case scenarios given are very practical. I love this course and I'd go over it again and again!

By Eulises M

Mar 2, 2017

This course is very well structured with very useful contents and resources. I'm really thankful for having this great learning experience. I strongly recommend this course to all teachers and pedagogues in all levels.

By Darlene A W

Sep 23, 2019

This course has taught me the fundamentals of designing an online class. It has been so helpful for me to take the theory from the course and use it in a practical manner in my job as Academic coach.

Thank you

By Jukhruf J

Jun 4, 2020

Please update with some current Platforms in use at academia.

By Ekta T

Jun 2, 2020

Please try to give a live demo on use on different technology mentioned in modules as done in case study

By Jill Y

Jun 17, 2020

The class seems to be mostly a central hub for internet links related to online teaching. There were a few videos by the instructors giving introductions to the topics but not teaching the topics. Also some videos of other teachers' experiences. However, there was little material directly in the class about online teaching. The course format was multiple self-assessments of how comfortable you feel in your pre-existing knowledge about the various topics and then based on how you marked the self-assessment, the software would spit out a huge list of external links to material on the topic. I estimate over 300 links sent to me from the course software. I don't mind a few external references, but I expected the course to cover the material, not act one massive hyperlink doc. Also, the two assignments were a bit vague and graded only by fellow students. So my "grade" and feedback were not from the course instructors who have the knowledge, but opinions by a few students who happen to be taking the MOOC the same time I was. I prefer to get feedback from the instructors--that is why I am taking the course. Also, the LMS would hang after the self-assessment/list of links portions. And when I would reset, I would lose credit for watching the videos. My completion record never did update to show that I watched the required videos. This entire course could be replaced by just sending the complete list of links to the students and skipping everything else.

By Solmaz G D

May 5, 2020

Big thanks to Simon and Negin ,the way that they designed the course was one of the best example of using technology for online teaching and get the best outcome of the class .

By Yew D C

Nov 29, 2018

Great online module! Recommended to everyone who wants to teach online.

By Jodie L P

Apr 28, 2020

I found that many of the links for the recommended readings were not valid. There was no interactions with the teachers other than the small prerecorded videos at the beginning of each module.

By Sarfraz M

May 4, 2020

It is well planned, organized, clearly stated course expectations and course requirements. Course materials, videos, activities and resources are relevant and updated. Course faculty members are knowledgeable, experts and updated. I feel honoured to part of this course as I have learnt a lot and being able to move into digital literary and online teaching

By Andres M

Mar 9, 2020

A very helpful course that provides the basics for any teacher trying to understand the different elements involved in teaching online and in teaching in a blended situation. LOVE the Case Studies and I am truly grateful for all the references provided because they really make you better understand what are the core issues when teaching online. Thank you.

By Veritas V

May 26, 2020

This is a fascinating course, from start to finish. It takes the participant on an increasingly interesting journey in the aspect of strategies and methodologies for teaching through technology. I have learned a universe of motivating techniques to achieve a more successful class and to get students interested and engaged in the work of learning online.

By Meredith S

Jun 13, 2020

I took this course because due to Covid 19, many schools are moving at least a portion of the learning online and I wanted to be equipped to handle it. This course provided me with a very thorough overview of understanding the why and how to begin online teaching and has excited me to look deeper into some of the topics introduced by the course.

By Roland A

Feb 1, 2020

I've been teaching online for decades and this has given me such enlightenment on how to fully utilise the power of the internet when it comes to online activities. Now I'm pursuing a career in curriculum development, this course has given me deep insights on how to make online activities engaging, enriching and of course educational.