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Do you want to know why data science has been labeled the sexiest profession of the 21st century? After taking this course, you will be able to answer this question, understand what data science is and what data scientists do, and learn about career paths in the field. The art of uncovering insights and trends in data has been around since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used census data to increase efficiency in tax collection and accurately predicted the Nile River's flooding every year. Since then, people have continued to use data to derive insights and predict outcomes. Recently, they have carved out a unique and distinct field for the work they do. This field is data science. In today's world, we use Data Science to find patterns in data and make meaningful, data-driven conclusions and predictions. This course is for everyone and teaches concepts like how data scientists use machine learning and deep learning and how companies apply data science in business. You will meet several data scientists, who will share their insights and experiences in data science. By taking this introductory course, you will begin your journey into this thriving field....

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Jun 26, 2020

I throughly enjoyed the course and the fact that everything was explained thoroughly. I always enjoyed Dr. White's personal experience with Data Science as well as other Data Scientists point of view.


Feb 23, 2020

Terrific introduction to the Data Science course. Never expected but was extremely excited with the quality of content, speakers and a very honest attempt to making this course interesting.


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By Fabiano S

Jan 1, 2023

O curso esclarece o uso da Ciencia de dados em diferentes áreas, descreve as habilidades profissionais necessárias, bem como os caminhos a seguir por este profissional. É preciso saber que, como futuro profissional na área, precisará desenvolver certas habilidades caso não possua, como: ser curioso, saber fazer perguntas certas, saber informar e comunicar suas descobertas (storytelling), habilitar-se em alguma linguagem de programação, matemática e banco de dados.

By Yadnesh M B

Mar 27, 2021

I finally got to know out what is Data Science in actuality. This course covered each and every aspect of Data Science to the core. Each and every topic was simplified in such a way that people from both technical and non-technical backgrounds can get the concepts very quickly and with ease. A lot of examples from Experts are given in this course to get every term, topic, or any other concept related to the course. Overall, a very very helpful course for beginners.

By Masa S

Jan 24, 2023

Extremely easy to understand, and a great overview of the data science field. I was surprised that they had me working out the tools almost immediately, which was refreshing. I found the input from the video speakers very helpful, especially Dr. Haider's comments about the traits of an ideal data scientist. I started reading his book, and I've only gotten through one chapter, but it's one chapter more than any other data science books that I've read for fun (0).

By Abhishek G

Aug 23, 2020

I have completed this course and I must say this is one of the best courses to kickstart your Data Science journey. I am now going to complete the whole series of courses provided by IBM and Coursera.

I am really happy and satisfied with the content and the way it is organized in the course.

Based on my personal experience, I will say one should not miss this course as it is a golden opportunity to be taught by the best of two platforms, The IBM and The Coursera.

By Dhanalakshmi R

May 23, 2020

In this course really gives me huge knowledge about data science and who are really a data scientist, what we really need to become a successful data scientist. And also this course gave me a foundation of data science with excellent teaching and project work. And i got somewhat information about what is data science. Very thankful to provide this course for students. I am glad to say,

This course is very useful for me, Thank you for all instructors

By Shubham S

Aug 13, 2020

This course gave me some fundamental ideas about Data Science and what data scientists do. What they have to do being as data science. This also described the difference among terminologies like machine learning, deep learning, data mining, big data, data science, and Artificial Intelligence. This course also explains their jobs and what they do to hold the above profession. And finally, I want to say big thanks, my course mentors, IBM and Coursera community.

By Edwin N

Mar 30, 2022

This course is more than what i expected. I never understood that data science is the sexiest profession in the 21st century. I now have a broader view of what is data science and who is a data scientist. I am an undergraduate in Mathematics and Statistics- i never knew that i am sitting on a gold mine. The next course i am pursuing in this platform is data visualization with Python. I want to become an expert in data science. Thank you for opening my eyes!


Jul 7, 2020

A very good course to start with data science because the course gives the students a clear idea of what Data Science is all about and its applications in various fields. And the major advantage is that it is not a classroom teaching. It comprises experiences of the working professionals and industry experts. The course also helps students by providing them with what are all the basics they should be thorough with and the career options for Data Scientists.

By Siri P

Aug 21, 2023

This is a very good course for absolute beginners. Every basic definition is explained very clearly and this course made me curious to learn more in data science. If you are new to data science and you want to know what is data science, this is what you need to take up and go through. You will get to know about why data science is important and how will this effect your career. Having this basic knowledge before going deep into this subject is necessary.

By Vyacheslav B

Aug 18, 2020

This introductory course has cleared up quite a few of the misconceptions I had regarding Data Science and its tools, which I'm really thankful for, because now I can go past the barrier of the uncertain unknown that, for me, this topic was surrounded with before.

The course has also outlined many applications for Data Science, its best practices and planning techniques, and as such has made me want to delve deeper into the other aspects of DS as well.

By Archie G R

Jul 31, 2020

This course helps me through a lot to learn about the Data Science. About my journey to become Data Scientist was given to me an opportunity to took this course. I am grateful for this course which I owe to the IBM company to support my journey to become part of their online platform course and to become Data Scientist someday. I will strive to continue again and study hard to get my Professional Data Science Certificate to this privilege opportunity.

By Esther I

Oct 2, 2022

it was a really informative course! Being new to data science i learnt really what it is all about, and i can now go ahead and pursue a career in data analysis. This course exposed the extremities and diffrent levels to data science in a simple and relatable way. The proffesors and lecturers and executives who taught this course taught in a way that really made it so interesting and created a seamless relationship between the student and the course.

By Franco M V

Apr 22, 2020

Es un curso resuelve dudas fundamentales a aquellas personas que están interesadas en meterse en este mundo, y lo hace de una manera muy sencilla.

Acá entendederas que es Data Science y diferenciarlo de conceptos con los que normalmente se confunden, tales como Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, entre otros.

También aprenderás que es lo que hace en su dia a dia un Data Scientist, el pool de skills requeridos y las formas de llegar a convertirte en uno.


Aug 12, 2020

I am completely new to this field, I was worried that what if i can't do this? What if i can't understand? But, here the classes, Quiz, Assignment, Presentation of classes or Videos is so, nice that I understood each and every topic and not at all felt to me like I have completed my course also. I mean listning to 2 min, 5 min videos will not affect you but the content was really cool. Thanks to every one who involved in this presentation / Data.

By Temi A

May 27, 2020

This course was delivered with goal of providing clear understanding of the course objectives. The tutors were very passionate. Thanks to Prof. Murtaza Haider. PhD. who speak to the heart of the topics and especially on the personality traits of a data scientist. Stephen Sherman ("Garbage in garbage out'), Shingai Manjengwa, Mandeep Kaur, Luis Martins, Diana Zarate Diaz and final but not the least the incredible Prof Norman White. Great people!

By Ayesha A

Jan 9, 2020

I am so impressed with coursera – the courses; the manuals which are actually usable, readable and understandable; and the instructors. If I ever need additional training, you will be my first choice!"

I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would defintely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends. I will be looking into taking more of these classes in the near future. Thank you!"

By Ekaterina K

Apr 1, 2023

The course turned out to be more informative and useful than I thought. I took it after already learning the Python, Data Visualisation, just for the additional knowledge' sake but it turned out to be very insightful, analytical and informative about the different paths aspiring data scientists take. I particularly liked the combination of videos with students, in-depth interview with Dr White, a seasoned data scientist, and PhD researchers.

By Teri W

Dec 5, 2020

Good overview of Data Science. There were a few glitches (eg, it said the lab would take 30min but it took only about 5min so I was confused if I had done it right or if I was missing something; I did get feedback/assistance on this issue from an instructor within a couple days). But overall, I felt like it presented a lot of useful basics about data science - how it came to be, how it is used, and what qualities makes a good data scientist.

By Lucas P

Oct 27, 2023

Curso muito bem estruturado e explica vários conceitos a serem aprofundados com cursos, leituras e práticas. O destaque deste curso são as explicações dos especialistas na área sobre Ciência de Dados. O artigo final explicando o passo a passo seguido pela personagem fictícia até o seu primeiro projeto em ciência de dados é fantástico. Vale muito a pena fazer o curso e é um verdadeiro estímulo a se aprofundar na área de Ciência de Dados.


Jun 28, 2023

A very helpful course that serves as an introduction to the world of Data Science. The course content is very informative and well-polished in my opinion. Eminent figures from the Data Science world talk and disseminate knowledge in a very straight forward way. The infographic videos are top-notch. Crucial excerpts from Dr. Murtaza Haider's book "Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics" were very helpful.

By Wei B T

Jun 9, 2023

The course provided a good overview of what a data science study entails. It included the sharing of the practical experience by the professors and data science students. I particularly like the peer-graded assignment where it serves as a platform for me to explain my understanding on the information and knowledge digested from this course. I would recommend this course for those who are curious to know about data science in general.

By Sanket N

Jul 15, 2020

This is one of the most wonderful course for beginers, who want's to do career in the data science field. This is the introductory level course and each and every thing in this course tought with very easy format and it is easily understandable, So I think is the best course to start with data scince , I personally recommend to do this course as if anyone want to learn the data science then they must have to begin from this course.

By Dilek I A P

Sep 17, 2019

Very informative introduction to Data Science. I liked how they describe the Data Science, Data Scientist. It was made clear that data science is not only a job but it is kind of a life style. And, while watching you become aware of the act that as an engineer you are a data scientist without knowing. Becoming aware of it makes you want to learn more about the tools you can use to make it more efficient. Thanks to all course Staff.

By Alexandru F

Jul 22, 2019

If you are just starting your Data Science journey or are simply curious what it means (as it's a term that is getting more popular and is being thrown all over the internet), this course will give you the answer set in the course's name "What is Data Science?".

Careful, the people explaining in the videos show a genuine interest in the subject and it might rub in. It might even spark your curiosity and go on further learning.

By Kumar N

Mar 1, 2024

An incredibly enjoyable learning I experienced throughtout the journey of this course. I acquired the basic understanding of Data Science, which I always dreamt of to have from an authentic source. This IBM course was extremely helpful for me to get an overall insights into the vast world of Data Science. I am grateful to Coursera for providing me with the full access of their course and the amazing certificate at the end.