Aebischer Perone Sigiriya

Medical Doctor


Dr Sigiriya Aebischer Perone is a medical doctor specialized in internal, tropical and travel medicine. Between 1999 and 2004 she worked in Senegal, Benin, Zimbabwe and the Balkans before joining the ICRC in 2007. While in charge of physical and mental health of ICRC staff, she developed a comprehensive care model after critical incidents in the field and conducted on-site missions after serious incidents involving death or abduction. She now works at the ICRC Health Unit as well as in the Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine Division of the Geneva University Hospitals, allowing them to address jointly common challenges regarding non-communicable disease management in fragile environments. Since 2016, within her ICRC mandate she supports the integration of care for non-communicable diseases in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Syria and Ukraine. Her most recent publications are: Models of care for patients with hypertension and diabetes in humanitarian crises: a systematic review (2021); Operational considerations for the management of non-communicable diseases in humanitarian emergencies (2021); COVID-19 Symptoms: Longitudinal Evolution and Persistence in Outpatient Settings (2020); Managing projects addressing non-communicable diseases: operational guidelines for field staff (2020), Management of diabetic foot. ICRC implementation plan (2020); Mobilizing resources to improve end of life care at home (2020), Report of the WHO independent high-level commission on NCDs: where is the focus on addressing inequalities? (2020); Covicare (2020); Beyond the virus: Ensuring continuity of care for people with diabetes during COVID-19 (2020); Santé mentale et stress chez les humanitaires expatriés (2020).