Angelica Ericsson

Doctoral Student


<span>Angelica Ericsson is a PhD&nbsp;candidate in EU law at the Law Faculty of the&nbsp;University of Lund.&nbsp;Her current research interest is focused on standards of judicial review&nbsp;used by the Court of Justice of the EU <strong>– </strong>in particular, those applied in the assessment of&nbsp;national structures' compatability with EU law.&nbsp;</span> <div> &nbsp; </div> <div> <span>She has been&nbsp;teaching Internal Market-law and Judicial Remedies on both&nbsp;Bachelor and Master level, as well as&nbsp;coaching the Lund teams that have&nbsp;participated in the European Law Moot Court.&nbsp;<br><br>Besides&nbsp;having a&nbsp;Master of laws from the University of Lund and a Master of European Law from College of Europe, Bruges,&nbsp;she has also gained practical experience from various periods working within&nbsp;the Court of Justice of the EU. </span> </div> <p><br></p>


European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals