趙家德 Chia-Ter Chao

臨床助理教授 Clinical Assistant Professor


Dr. Chao graduated from National Taiwan University College of Medicine in 2005, obtaining his M.D. degree in the same year, and became a certified nephrologist since 2012. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in the Graduate Institute of Toxicology of National Taiwan University in 2017, and currently practices in both National Taiwan University Hospital, a prestigious medical centre in Taiwan and also its Bei-Hu branch, a facility renowned for long-term care, renal hospice/palliative service, and geriatric nephrology. He is now also a clinical assistant professor in National Taiwan University College of Medicine. His research mainly focuses on geriatric nephrology involving chronic kidney disease and dialysis, geriatric syndromes including frailty and sarcopenia, and he also operates his own laboratory focusing on vascular biology and uremic vascular calcification. He has published over 130 scientific papers in multiple international peer-reviewed journals including Kidney International, American Journal of Kidney Disease, Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, Cardiovascular Research, etc. in the fields of nephrology, cardiology, and general medicine; authorized 7 book chapters; and had constant contribution to important international nephrology assembly. He is also the associate editor of several SCI-indexed international medical journals including BMC Geriatrics and Frontiers in Medicine, Nephrology section.