Emanuel Demetrescu

PhD candidate


Archaeologist, PhD candidate, specialist in Open source approach to Cultural Heritage: 3D-GIS applications to archaeological risk management, computer vision, restitution, reconstruction and visualization of archaeological contexts and lanscapes. Fellowship researcher in Rome at CNR-ITABC (Virtual Heritage Lab). My research interests are in the field of 3D survey (computer vision approach with drones, archaeological sites in terrestrial and underwater contexts) and 3D reconstruction methodology (sources trasparency, metadata enrichment, visualization strategies). I worked in many archaeological expeditions in Rome, Italy and Greece as responsible of the drawings and 3D survey (hand drawing, total station, photogrammetry, laser scanner and DGPS). I teach Open Source technologies for 3D modelling (Blender) in the Open Techne Master (UNESCO IFICLU). I am currently working on AR solutions for mobile devices for cultural Heritage visualization.