Susan Marine, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor and Program Director in the Higher Education Master’s Program at Merrimack College. She has 20 years’ experience leading initiatives in higher education for the advancement of women and trans* students of all genders, with specific expertise in sexual violence prevention and response, and advocacy for the LGBTQ community. Dr. Marine teaches courses in higher education history, theory, and practice, and her research interests include feminist praxis in higher education, trans* student inclusion and agency, and ending campus sexual violence. Seeing the classroom as a mutually transformative enterprise, she is deeply committed to preparing future leaders to transform culture and to continually advance social justice in higher education and beyond. She is the author of Stonewall’s Legacy: Bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender students in higher education. Dr. Marine's work has been supported by grants from NASPA and ACUHO-I, among other organizations. Her recent publications have appeared in the Women's Studies International Forum, the Journal of College and University Student Housing, Feminist Formations, and the Journal About Women in Higher Education.