Mr. Wilson founded Initiatives Consulting LLC in 1997 to help clients turn technical ideas into new products and companies. Initiatives Consulting, LLC has created business plans, marketing support, and road show coaching that has been instrumental in starting six companies, raising several million dollars of seed money, and launching four new medical devices; including most recently a proprietary syringe-product and a device to reduce catheter-related blood stream infections. Since 2004, Wilson’s training company ( has taken nearly 500 teams through an intense workshop to jump-start their technology-based product ideas. This program has launched well over 100 pre-seed stage companies out of university research and patents which have gone on to collectively raise over $100 million in equity funding. ( With diverse roles prior to Initiatives in product design, process engineering, optical tooling, lean manufacturing and automation, Wilson has been involved in the creation and launch of five new medical device platforms currently generating more than $1 billion in annual sales. As a part-time academic, Wilson is driven to simplify, quantify, and systematize the fuzzy-front-end of innovation.