Michelle Yik is a Professor in the Division of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Michelle received her PhD degree in Social/Personality Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Since 2002, she has been working at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where she teaches Psychology & Everyday Life and Personality Psychology. The everyday life course provides ample opportunity to satisfy her “id” impulses of performing in front of 300 students; the personality course provides a platform on which to utilize her research to enrich students’ understanding of human behaviors in the Chinese context. In 2007, Michelle won the Humanities and Social Science Teaching Award; in 2010, she became the medalist for the Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching; and in 2011, she was the finalist for the University Grants Committee Teaching Award. Michelle is currently taking part in two MOOCs and they are Psychology of Personal Growth and My Favorite Lectures @ HKUST.