Dr Cullen is the Managing Director of the Cullen Group, a Fellow in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, and a Research Associate at the London School of Economics. Sara's three decades of leadership in the outsourcing field provides deep industry experience. She has consulted to 145 commercial and government clients, in 190 engagements, representing a total contract value over $18B, and spanning 51 countries. She is a former National Partner within Deloitte (Australia) where she was also the Global Thought Leader in the outsourcing practice. She is widely published on the subject and is sought after as an expert commenter. She has written 135 industry and research works, presented in over 350 major conferences, conducted 7 reviews for state and federal governments, acted as the independent expert in Senate inquiries, and conducted peer reviews for A-journals such as the California Management Review and the Harvard Business School Review. She has lectured at many universities in Asia Pacific and the Americas, in addition running a number of global corporate programs for over 5000 participants.

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