Dr Sheri Nixdorf

Associate Lecturer and Neuro-Oncology Research Associate


    Dr Nixdorf has dedicated the past decade to research in the field of cancer, encompassing brain, colorectal, bladder, prostate and ovarian cancer, in the hopes of finding cellular and molecular markers that will enable the development of personalised medicines to effectively treat the ever growing number of cancer patients worldwide. She has a strong interest in education not only of students enrolled at the University of New South Wales, where she teaches students in Cancer Sciences and Medical Ethics, but also the wider community.

    Dr Nixdorf is a member of The Australian Society for Medical Research, Cancer Voices NSW and the Translational Cancer Research Network in order to share medical advances with the community and speed up the collaborative process of ‘bench to bedside’ treatments for cancer patients. She enjoys spending time getting school children excited about science via the Scientists for School Program and school science fairs. Her ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life and survival time of cancer patients through her research activities and get students thinking about the issues of personalised medicines and medical ethics via her teaching.