Andrea Waters-Rist

Assistant Professor


Dr. Andrea Waters-Rist is an assistant-professor in human osteoarchaeology at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Here, she also is co-director of the Laboratory for Human Osteoarchaeology, and director of the Stable Isotope Processing and Thin Sectioning Laboratory, where she oversees research on human skeletal remains on a wide range of topics conducted using cutting-edge techniques. Having published on a range of topics, her expertise includes the reconstruction of dietary practices, including breastfeeding and weaning in past populations, and the analysis of dental and skeletal diseases and morphological variants. Dr. Waters-Rist works with human skeletal material from various geographic areas and temporal periods. While much of her current research is on post-Medieval Dutch populations, she also studies the remains of mid-Holocene Siberian hunter-gatherers, pre-Columbian Nicaraguan agriculturalists, and Mesolithic to Neolithic Europeans.