Defeng Yang



Dr. Yang Defeng is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor in the School of Chinese as a Second Language at Pecking University. He has published nearly 80 papers, co-edited 8 textbooks and reference books, authored or co-authored 7 academic books. He was responsible for Hanban and the overseas Chinese Affairs Office’ s teacher training programs in Spain and the United States. Also, he has been serving as an interviewer of overseas volunteers for years. 杨德峰,北京大学对外汉语教育学院教授,博士,博导。主要研究方向为汉语语法、汉语与文化等,参编教材、工具书8部,独著、参著专著7部,发表论文近80篇,曾受国家汉办和侨办委派赴西班牙、美国进行师资培训,在国内多年来一直承担海外师资培训工作和担任海外自愿者面试官。

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