Mahendra Mehra

Senior Training Lead and Evangelist


Mahendra Mehra is a Senior Training Lead and Evangelist with Oracle University. He has a Master of Engineering Degree in the field of Computer Science from SPIT, Mumbai, India. He is a proponent of open-source technology and leads the OCI DevOps Professional course at Oracle. His passion to adapt to new technologies and introduce the same in his teaching learning process has earned him many certifications for cutting-edge technologies like Cloud Computing, DevOps, Information Security, and Linux Administration. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker and an Oracle Certified Cloud Associate. Mahendra has 13 years of experience as a Technical Trainer and his proficiency in developing precise and powerful content on the latest technology is reflected through technical books he has authored and work done as part of designing, developing, and delivering content for OCI DevOps, Developer, and Architect Professional courses. He is an active member of the research community whereby his research findings have been published in more than 18 national and international journals and conferences. The transferable advice and insights shared from his talks always leave a lasting impact with the learners.