Lorena Amarante



Lorena Amarante is an international conference speaker, published author, businesswoman, and Digital Marketing pioneer in Latin America. She holds a degree in Advertising and she completed a postgraduate degree in E-Business Management from Universidad del Salvador and Georgetown University. Lorena was the Regional Manager of Online Marketing at, one of the first unicorn companies in Latin America. She also co-founded OM Latam and is the creator of The Digital Leap, a digital marketing boutique agency. She is the author of "The Hidden Power of Your Network" and co-author of various books about marketing and new technologies such as: "Technological Trends”, "The Glossary of Social Media Marketing" and "Better Marketing." As a renowned pioneer and top expert in Digital Marketing in Latin America and over 22 years of career path, she has delivered over 300 conferences and master classes. She has been a keynote speaker at diverse events in various countries. Some of her clients are Volvo, SAP, HP, Samsung, and Nissan among others.