Paweł Mielniczek

Advocate, PhD, international legal service


Passionate about bridging the intricate realms of international law and cutting-edge technologies, I bring forth a rich tapestry of experience and expertise. As an advocate and a scholar deeply entrenched in the nuances of legal landscapes, my journey has traversed pivotal institutions including NATO HQ SACT, the UN Office in Geneva, and esteemed legal firms. My forte lies in navigating the complexities of EU, Polish, and international law, with a particular focus on data protection, compliance audits, and legal staff training. My commitment extends beyond mere legalities; it's about empowering organizations to thrive within regulatory frameworks while fostering a culture of awareness and proactivity. Throughout my career, I've spearheaded transformative initiatives, from implementing GDPR compliance at numerous companies to crafting comprehensive legal strategies for mitigating risks. My role as a Data Protection Officer has been instrumental in steering organizations towards safeguarding sensitive information, evidenced by notable successes such as aiding ID Finance in a significant data leak case. Moreover, my dedication to knowledge dissemination is evident through training sessions conducted for hundreds of legal professionals and Data Protection Officers. I've also authored educational resources like the acclaimed "GDPR - Standard Data Protection System In 16 Steps" course, aimed at demystifying intricate legal protocols. Engage with me to navigate the intricate labyrinth of international legalities and fortify your organization's compliance posture. Whether it's steering through compliance audits, honing staff awareness, or crafting bespoke legal strategies, I offer a wealth of experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Let's collaborate to elevate your organization's legal resilience and embrace the dynamic intersection of law and technology.