Ashraf S. A. AlMadhoun

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer | Technical Author | Hardware Hacker| Instructor | Perfectionist


Experienced Online Trainer and Educational Entrepreneur | 450k+ Students Trained | Microcontroller & Embedded Systems Specialist | YouTuber & Content Creator | Technical Instructor Welcome to my LinkedIn profile! I am a seasoned online trainer with a passion for empowering individuals through education. Over the years, I have successfully trained over 450,000 students worldwide on various topics, including Digital Marketing, Freelancing, Programming, Entrepreneurship, Circuit Design, and Programmable Logic Controllers. As a dedicated YouTuber and content creator since 2009, I have utilized my expertise in WordPress websites, blogging, content marketing, and social media management to create valuable resources for learners across the globe. Through my YouTube channel, which now boasts 45,000 subscribers and over 15 million views, I have provided free knowledge and mentoring on life-related topics. I am the CEO and Founder of Educational Engineering Team, a specialized platform offering training and consulting services in the fields of Microcontroller and Engineering. My focus lies in empowering individuals interested in Embedded Systems and IoT, helping them gain in-depth knowledge and excel in their projects. With a strong commitment to nurturing future talent, I have mentored and supported more than 200 Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. students in their thesis and final projects. Additionally, I have served as a Technical Instructor at Gaza Training Community College for over 7 years, guiding over 250 students in obtaining their diplomas in Mechatronics Engineering. As a Mechatronics Engineer with expertise in Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, and Control Engineering, I embrace diverse challenges as a freelancer. Whether you need assistance in translating project ideas into reality or seeking to acquire life-changing skills, I am here to lend a helping hand.