Aline Philibert (In Partnership with UNIGE)

Assistant Professor


Throughout my career, I have been enthusiastically engaged in international and humanitarian projects that embrace participatory research and action-driven initiatives, which recognize the socio-cultural and ecological dimensions of complex public health challenges while also fostering environmental sustainability. Over the last 14 years I have developed and conducted research and interventions in Africa, Asia, South or north America, with regards to topics of climate change, food security, non-communicable diseases (diabetes, CVD) and epidemids (zika, ebola, dengue, HIV-AIDS), movements in populations, maternal health, and socio-cultural determinants of health. My personal convictions have motivated me to engage in projects that embrace interdisciplinary studies addressing human health, environment sustainability, women empowerment, social and environmental justice, notably in low and middle-income countries. My main interests are to participate to ecosystem-based and action-oriented research projects among indigenous and non-indigenous populations, and eventually to promote the scaling-up of research results in changes in policy and practice.