Edward Chow



    Dr. Chinghua Edward Chow is Professor of Computer Science. Got his PhD in Computer Science Degree from University of Texas at Austin 1985. He served as a Member of Technical Staff with Bell Communications Research, NJ 1986-1991. He joined UCCS 1991. His research is focused on the improvement of the security, reliability and performance of network systems. He has two US patents on distributed network restoration and survivable architecture. He is currently working on techniques and risk analysis for critical infrastructure protection and data protection using proximity and network information. He recently developed an efficient Internet Security protocol that improves the performance and security of online storage systems. A secure information sharing system was developed for setting up secure information infrastructure which is based on attribute certificate to coordinate multiple agencies task forces. By enhancing Laban dance notation, deploying computer animation, and developing wireless sensor based human motion tracking system, he is developing systems for improving assistive technologies and rehab patient care. He is currently working on techniques based on Software Defined Networks (SDN) for defending Distributed Denial of Services and improving cyber resilience, and techniques for enhancing data security through right path right place data delivery (R2D2).