Dr. David Huang’s academic background, which consists of material science and engineering, learning design & technology, and executive business administration, has enabled him to conduct interdisciplinary projects for instructional and research purposes across contexts. David investigates technology acceptances in various workplaces and delves into the instructional effects and efficacy of gamification, socialization, and open distribution of technology-enabled learning experiences. His current research interests include (1) organizational decision-making attributes on technology innovations (e.g., telecare, mHealth); (2) design of game-based learning environments for effective learning engagement with non-traditional learners; (3) cognitive load manipulations in multimedia learning settings; (4) development of ethical decision-making capacities among evaluation professionals; (5) career development needs assessment and intervention design via technologies; (6) the efficacy of MOOCs in organizations; and (7) individuals' decision-making under irrational influences in structured learning processes.