Stephanie Dodd, MSc.

Associate Director, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Profiling, Development, Novartis


Stephanie Dodd earned her Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry from Merrimack College in 1997, and Master's of Science in Chemistry from Northeastern University in 2003. She began her career in biopharmaceutic characterization & analysis of proteins at Genetics Institute in 1998. She then moved to Cubist pharmaceuticals in 2000, where she supported bioanalytical and CMC characterization of peptides for treatment of infectious disease. In 2004, Stephanie moved to Novartis, where she worked to build up the Chemical & Pharmaceutical profiling group at Novartis, performing developability assessments on new chemical entities across the Novartis portfolio. She currently serves as the biopharmaceutics expert for the group, leading efforts in physiologically-based pharmacokinetic absorption modeling, development of in-vitro methods, and building in-vitro-in-vivo correlations to guide formulation development in support of pharmacokinetic, efficacy, and toxicological assessments as well as clinical formulation selection.