Leslie Cintron

Research Scientist


Leslie is a research scientist, a lead social science researcher, and a founding member and co-PI for the Lighthouse for Computer Science projects. Cintron holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University. Dr. Cintron serves as a co-PI of the NSF-funded Lighthouse EC project, researching how best to increase engagement and diversity in CS introductory undergraduate courses. She is the lead social science researcher and project director for the NSF-funded Lighthouse CC professional development research project and, since 2014, a co-organizer of the Tapestry Workshop. Prior to joining the Lighthouse team, Cintron held faculty positions in sociology at Washington & Lee University, Harvard University and Oxford University (UK). She was a lead researcher on several research projects focusing on workforce and careers. Her research includes a national study of US workers attitudes toward work and family across generational groupings, a study of female high tech entrepreneurs, and research looking at the relationship between student (graduate and undergraduate) attitudes towards work and family and decision-making to pursue further education in computing. Her research interests include equity and diversity in STEM fields and the intersection of work, family and community life.