David Magnus

Thomas A. Raffin Professor


David Magnus, PhD, is Thomas A. Raffin Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Ethics, and Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine, and by Courtesy of Bioengineering at Stanford University. He is the Director of the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, a member of the Stanford Hospital and Clinics Ethics Committee, is past President of the Association of Bioethics Program Directors and is the Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Bioethics. He is currently the Vice-Chair of the IRB for the NIH Precision Medicine Initiative (“All of Us”). He is a member of Stanford’s IRB and Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee and has extensive experience as a research ethics consultant. His research focuses on a wide range of topics in bioethics, including research ethics, the ethics of comparative effectiveness research, transplant ethics, genetics/genomics, and issues in patient/physician communication.