Merve Hickok

Data Science Ethics Lecturer


Merve Hickok is a data science ethics lecturer at the University of Michigan, School of Information, and the Responsible Data and AI Advisor at Michigan Institute for Data Science. In addition to her teaching role, Merve is the founder of She is a globally renowned expert on AI policy, ethics and governance. Her contributions and perspective have featured in the Guardian, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, Wired, Scientific American, Politico, Protocol, Vox, The Economist and S&P. Her work focuses on the impact of AI systems on individuals, society, with a particular focus on fundamental rights, democratic values, and social justice. Merve is also the President and Research Director at Center for AI and Digital Policy, working with global AI policymakers and advocates. The Center educates AI policy practitioners and advocates across 80+ countries, advises international organizations (such as European Commission, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, OECD). Merve has provided testimony to the US Congress, State of California, New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, and Detroit City Council on AI policy and governance. Merve also works with several non-profit organizations globally to advance both the academic and professional research in this field for underrepresented groups. She has been recognized by a number of organizations – most recently as one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ – 2021, and Lifetime Achievement Award - Responsible AI Leader of the Year – 2023 (Women in AI). Previously, Merve held various senior roles in Fortune 100 companies for more than 15 years.