Markku Rummukainen

Professor in Climatology


Markku Rummukainen is Professor in Climatology at Lund University in Sweden, Docent in Meteorology at the University of Helsinki in Finland, and Climate Advisor at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI. He has done 25 years of research in atmospheric and climate science topics including atmospheric composition and change by means of measurements and modelling, and climate models, pioneering Swedish regional climate modelling. The latter has led to a wealth of resources for impact studies, adaptation planning and other activities, including outreach, related to action on climate change. In addition, he has been an IPCC AR5 author, and since 2016 serves as Sweden’s Focal Point for the IPCC. He has been active in the science/policy interface with an active role also in the UN climate negotiations since 2010, the Swedish Climate Policy Council since 2017, as well as in other contexts.