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In this course, you will learn best practices for how to use data analytics to make any company more competitive and more profitable. You will be able to recognize the most critical business metrics and distinguish them from mere data. You’ll get a clear picture of the vital but different roles business analysts, business data analysts, and data scientists each play in various types of companies. And you’ll know exactly what skills are required to be hired for, and succeed at, these high-demand jobs. Finally, you will be able to use a checklist provided in the course to score any company on how effectively it is embracing big data culture. Digital companies like Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are transforming entire industries through their creative use of big data. You’ll understand why these companies are so disruptive and how they use data-analytics techniques to out-compete traditional companies....

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Jun 11, 2020

It is a business centred course that will help you understand the most important metrics. It includes comprehensive glossaries and lectures that will help you in the process and a lot of case studies.


Nov 2, 2018

really good bases for business metric if you already have a background you are going to enjoy and refresh you memory and if you don't have previous experiences is really easy to understand the concept

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By Luis J G R

May 4, 2020

It is the most mediocre course I have ever taken. I don't understand why people rate this course in such a good way. It is literally a waste of time.

By waheed s

Nov 12, 2020

What informative and engaging class. Thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it kudos to the team that designed this course and to the professors teaching us. The professor teaching this course was just exceptional. Coursera sure is a one hell of platform to learn new skills and to do online certification. I say that because of the ease with which i can navigate through course content and the website itself. If somebody out there is getting hesitant whether they should take any course with a Coursera or not. I would tell him or her to get right into it because amount of learning you will be doing with it is surely going to be more than offline learning through universities.

By Dasha L

Jul 26, 2017

First of all, thank you to the Coursera team who worked on this course. I certainly learned new terminology, useful websites, or tools and metrics. Only one thing, I wish I will learn deeper how to use the Access software and, in general, it would be useful for this course, to use spreadsheet and other relevant software. I know that in professional world, you have to build queries in ACCESS working with SQL tool. I am not sure if I will sign up for other courses, because I don't know what is in that course particular and if I can find particular skill set , that companies require me to know.

Overall, I am happy to be a part of this learning curve. Great thank you again.

By Abekah C K

Nov 14, 2020

This is a course I highly recommend to every data analyst/scientist/engineer, business person, managers, or people who just want to understand and identify clearly how a company can increase its revenues, maximize its profits, and identify areas of risk (as the course literally says). At the end, you even get a detailed summary of every term and concepts who have learned (I have not seen this in any course on Coursera so far). I think I even need to redo this course to absorb everything I have learned already better. More importantly, an amazing thanks to both instructors !!

By Patrick C

Sep 26, 2015

First course I've taken on Coursera, and I am impressed. I believe that the most important part of these MOOC's is to make sure that they seem useful and provide relevant information, and this course definitely delivered. In contrast to many of my university courses which are broad and quite honestly non-applicable to many work fields, this class was direct and to the point. I never felt as if a single minute was wasted on this course, and it was not difficult to finish this course because of that.

By I-Ching W

Jan 25, 2020

Quite practical course for beginner! Professor Daniel clearly explain the difference between different industries and specific analytics-related profession. I am a marketing analyst and recently plan to change my career path to business analyst. After finishing this course, I am more sure that I want to be a business analyst and especially expert in customer segmentation. However, course 1 is more like the introduction of data-driven industry and related jobs but lacks data analytics.

By Hsinyu F

Aug 21, 2017

This course provides great contents for students to fully understand what is business metrics and what job of different positions, such as business analyst associated with business metrics. In addition, the given cases are helpful for me to know how to apply the understanding of metrics in real situations. As the beginning class of this programme, I will say it really give full information of initial business analytics. I'm looking forward to taking the next course of this programme.

By Dapo I

Aug 21, 2017

It's been an excellent course set at great pace and in-depth studies of a wide breadth of coverage area. Though it is broad and deep, it doesn't immediately feel like it. The videos, which are just the right duration before it gets too heavy or too long, are concise and easy to understand.

I particularly like the quizzes embedded in the videos which critically integrate learning and recall into the study process. On the whole, a well put together course and rich learning experience!

By Ethan H

Jun 25, 2017

The course content is very comprehensive and includes examples from the latest in the industry. The videos and the study materials have been taught in a lucid manner which is easily understandable. Plus it covers a wide variety of topics which I would not have known had I not opted for this course.

I really learnt a lot from this course and I'm sure there are various students who will be benefit a lot from it.

Thank you Duke University and Coursera for this amazing course.

By Ivan Z

Oct 22, 2015

I enjoyed this course very much. I also feel that I learned something. And I am looking forward to the next course in sequence. This is a highly unusual thing for me (and I do have a lot of graduate and post-graduate experience both at universities and online). Course organizers care about what we are learning and how we are getting there. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning business analytics and enjoying the process at the same time.

By Abhinav C

Sep 7, 2019

This course helped me understand the concepts of business better. Professor Agger has exceptionally structured the course and the discussion forum is active and helpful. I'd recommend this course to anyone with a knack of learning and is enthusiastic enough to build on the concepts taught by Professor Agger. Shout out to the mentors who are active in problem resolution in the forums and also to the peers who make the discussion forum an exceptional resource.


Oct 4, 2018

Starting this path in this specialization and everything I could learn in this first course, encourages me to continue believing that the dream is possible, independent of any kind of adversity that I thought I had before. The content was extremely enriching, of course, and Professor Daniel Egger simply exscelente. In advance thousand congratulations and please follow us giving us dreamers the opportunity to continue making our goals and dreams a reality.

By Raghav N

May 9, 2016

Loved the content and delivery! Just wish the Quiz and Peer Assignment (I have completed both) were allowed to be submitted without purchasing course. As it will involve no additional effort to faculty. Answers are in the MCQ format so there is only one right answer and peer-grading by its nature ensures that little or no faculty time and effort is used.

Like in other Coursera courses, Official Duke University certificate could be paid.

Thanks you again!

By Lucia A I

Oct 12, 2020

I liked the teaching methods and the content. You don't have to be an expert at data analysis, but it requires certain experience in algebra and statistics, so you don't get lost when studying the content. I have an engineering's degree, so I'm not an expert in the topic, but I was interested and I feel satisfied with the knowledge I obtained. I already finished course 2 and 3 and I also recommend them, and now going for the 4th and 5th :)

By Robert C

Apr 27, 2016

Very much enjoyed the course, its focus on method and real-world problems / issues. The quality of the instruction, including the technical, graphic support was high and always in evidence. The instructor's humor also came through, as well as his upward potential as a dancer. Thanks for the kind introduction to the subject matter; I intend to follow through with the next courses to achieve the Specialization via Coursera. Best from Munich

By Giancarlo P

Oct 4, 2020

Clear, concise and thorough. It is really straightforward while not being trivial or excessively basic. Highly recommended if you already work in business controlling, corporate financial management and want to become more data-oriented or change line of working become a business data analyst or you are a student and considering to choose this career path. Looking forward to take the next courses of the specialization!

By Jorge D

Sep 29, 2015

This is probably the best coursera courrse I've ever taken for a few reasons. (1) I want to be a data scientist and he explains the best path to become one. (2) This is the most pragmatic online class I've taken since it focuses on what businesses do and what they really want. (3) Videos are short but very substantial.

In short, it's the course giving me the most applicable knowledge and skills to use in business.

By Kayundria H W

Dec 27, 2015

Straight to the point. Technical. Applicable knowledge usable Right Now, current information and illustrations. Understandable and comprehensible definitions, theories and case studies. Personable instructor, down to earth and practical teaching style. Hands-on teaching style with a sense of discourse. These two make a great team! I must travel to Duke to sit in on a class or two live.

*My Stamp of Approval.*

By Sal D

Feb 1, 2017

I enjoyed this course so much that I am trying to save the transcript so I can read it when I can.

I love Dr. Egger's explanation as always and enthusiasm as well in teaching this course. I would like to complete the coursework if I can.

Please keep up the good work! I am not a student of Duke University but I felt being one because of this opportunity to study under Dr. Egger's wing. Thank you again.

By Shadab A

Aug 14, 2022

I have checked several courses on various platforms in the Data Scince and business analyst domains and find this as most appropriate and to the point course . I am learning at my pace and completed this course before the deadline and most importantly understand the course . To all those who want to enroll in this course i highly recommend to read the course material as much as possible.

By Snehal D

Mar 26, 2017

Excellent Course. I learned a lot about Business Metrics - Revenue, Profitability and Risk and enhanced my skills and thinking in this space working through examples. I really enjoyed different perspectives of many participants from all over the world. It was a true learning experience. I heartily enjoyed and highly recommend anyone interested in learning about business metrics.

By Peter C

Apr 9, 2020

At first I was skeptical. The course flies by, and I wondered "Am I learning anything." It wasn't until I reached the final assignment, and I had to apply the newly acquired knowledge, that I realized what I had actually learned. Just simply having a better understanding of inventory management and its importance for profitability is so valuable. It's foundational for success!

By Precious A

Feb 11, 2019

The classes were easily understandable and the videos were very explanatory. I learned a lot of concepts that I applied immediately. One of which was negative float, and it helped me make a very vital business decision last month. I did have a little difficulty with the last lesson on the stock market, but rewatching the videos and googling a bit helped solve those issues.

By José A R N

Jul 9, 2017

My name is Jose Antonio. I am looking for a new Data Scientist career (

I did this course to get new knowledge about Big Data and better understand the technology and your practical applications.

The course was excellent and the classes well taught by teachers.

Congratulations to Coursera team and Instructors.


Jose Antonio.


Apr 10, 2019

This course is best for primary understanding of Business Metrics. Helped me to gain knowledge regarding Traditional and Dynamic Metrics. This course also provides details about Financial Services Metrics and calculation required for money management. One should take this course to understand the foundation of the Business Metrics used for Data Analysis.