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About the Course

What you’ll achieve: In this project-centered course*, you’ll design, build, and distribute your own unique application for the Android mobile platform. We’ll provide you with a set of customizable building blocks that you can assemble to create many different types of apps, and that will help you become familiar with many important specificities of Android development. When you complete the project, in addition to having a personalized app that you can use and share, you’ll have the skills and background you need to move on to more advanced coursework in Android development. What you’ll need to get started: This project-centered course is designed for learners who have some prior experience programming in Java, such as an introductory college course or Coursera’s Java Programming Specialization ( You will need a computer with a stable Internet connection, but you will not need an Android phone - we’ll use free software that you can use to emulate a phone on your computer. We'll use Android Studio as IDE; it is compatible with most computer and operating systems. You can find detailed system requirements here: *About Project-Centered Courses: Project-centered courses are designed to help you complete a personally meaningful real-world project, with your instructor and a community of learners with similar goals providing guidance and suggestions along the way. By actively applying new concepts as you learn, you’ll master the course content more efficiently; you’ll also get a head start on using the skills you gain to make positive changes in your life and career. When you complete the course, you’ll have a finished project that you’ll be proud to use and share. Time: 10 hours of study, 10 hours of active project work...

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its a great course and i learned a lot during this course process and finally created a basic android app .I thought that there should be a tutorial of shared preferences in this course


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It helped me to get required knowledge how to build basic apps and the proper use of android studio thanks to this course , really made me work and upskill my skill in this field

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By Raymond R

Sep 9, 2019

While this appears to be a good course at first glance, it is in fact completely useless. You see, the course does not actually teach you how to program an Android application. This means that only somebody who already knows how to program an Android application can take this course and expect to do well in it. However, somebody who can already program Android applications would not have any reason to take this course. You can't even infer how to program an Android application from the video which shows somebody programming an example application because it is woefully out of date. So, in summary: there is nothing to learn from this course and nobody who meets the requirements to take the course would want to take the course.

By Jyoti J

Apr 10, 2020

its more thoery oriented and version of android studio is too older

By Jan

Apr 12, 2020

It's a great course, but already outdated. You will notice it, after you put some hours of work into it and that is just frustrating.

By Deleted A

Mar 4, 2017

Excellent course that introduces students to android app development through practical and comprehensive topics. Allowed me to build my first app and launch on Google Play Store.

By Xiangyu S

Jun 19, 2017

I have no knowledge in app developing nor java programming, but I enjoyed this course. My final project is still sloppy but at least I am confident to learn more.


Mar 12, 2016

This is a very good hands-on course to introduce new students to learning Android programming.

I have basic knowledge of Java and found this course easy to understand and follow.


Change the graded quiz to practice quiz so that non-paying students can submit and check their answers and learn from it. Or find another alternative to Coursera since it is not 100% free for students.

I look forward to another building blocks Android course in the future! Thank you for this course!

By Sourav B

Jun 22, 2019

The course lacks behind with the basic contents of android like OnCreate() method purpose, android app lifecycle, etc. All the other things are good but the course now lacks latest contents which are in Android 4.0.

By Aymen A

Apr 5, 2020

Many up to date are required (software version to use...)

Considering the physical software test (smartphone, tablet...) not only AVD

By Akshay P

Mar 27, 2016

excellent course to get started in android. helps build basic blocks that can then be used to develop more complex apps as well as know where to search for more info. great job!!!

By Michael F

Jul 12, 2020

Broken English. More broken English. And even more broken English, Lord have mercy if you genuinely want to take this terrible course. If you're a masochist or hate yourself in any way and want to punish yourself for some reason, take this course. It will have you screaming at your monitor due to all the frustration and shitty instructions by people who don't speak a lick of English.

By Simson N

Feb 17, 2016

Big 5 star. Unfortunately I can't give more. My suggestions are to re record the section where the male instructor was explaning the very first android app,; the video quality on that section was very poor. My next suggestion will be: you guys mapped that course perfectly, you should add an advance level to this course or at least, create an android specialization for this course. At last, it would be a better idea after all 9 blocs, before the student submitted their project, the instructors create a big app that include some of the bloc or all of the blocs. This course will be my first completed course on coursera and I will definitely going to pay for that one later

By Tomasz F

Aug 4, 2016

Great course. It shows and explains the whole process of application development. From the idea, the sketch to execution. We will learn how to install the development environment, and how the application is running. After the course we are able to create an average of advanced applications with GUI and use ready-made functions of Android. I highly recommend and everything in five weeks (or less) !!

By Anusha V

Apr 25, 2020

It's very useful and it's too difficult to finish quiz and I'm very happy to get certificate thank you to course

By Kashish G

May 19, 2020


By Bhupinder R

Jan 5, 2017

I enrolled for this course because of pure interest in android app development and didn't think I would complete it with my existing work schedule (happened to me on several earlier courses) BUT this course is made to be feasible for the busy/less motivated/slow (all apply to me). The material is well organized and sufficient for beginners. By the last date of the the course I DID complete all the lessons and assignments. It was a tremendous feeling and the credit goes to the course setup. The exemplar apps seem trivial during introduction of the course and you wonder if they are too simple for a wannabe app developer but as the course progresses its evident why you need to learn developing them. The instructors also explain alternate ways to achieve a result. The quizzes are challenging and drive you to know more on your own. Best 4 weeks spent on coursera.

By Bereket Z

Nov 9, 2018

I found this much better

By Nicholas R

May 3, 2020

This is an excellent course. If you have the expectation that this course can be completed with zero programming experience, you would be right, however, you'll have to dig deep and do some extra reading and practice.

That said, with basic java programming experience(decent grasp of java and xml syntax) you will complete this course and do it well.

The instructors are French but their english is sufficient, if not great. The ideas are well strung together and the building blocks are reusable.

The course started a few years ago so the versions of the software that are used in the lectures are a bit old, but if you can interact with software in any fluent capacity, you will get by sufficiently well to ace the course.

Very Effective Course.

By Muhammad M A

Sep 2, 2016

Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course) is a well organised course with good introductory material covering basics of the android development. I recommend this course to anyone who is new to Android development or anyone who wants to brush up their android development basics. You'll need to work through out this 5 week course. The course material is consolidated with Quizzes. By the end of the course you will know how to prototype, design and code an android application with the best practices in mind using a rubric. Instructors of this course are good too in terms of knowing their stuff and being able to convey and explain it in simple terms.

By balamurali p

Sep 19, 2016

Really Great, PDF and apps are captured with snapshots and explained in sort and crisp with diagram as compare to just sentences. Good for start up of android app development. Thanks to author and content creator to bring interest on this course. I recommended to all my team members and they also started this course

By Marsad A

May 5, 2020

As I am a Professional Web Developer For the last 2 years and I don't have knowledge about android. This course is perfect and best for those who are confused whether they learn android or not this course helps them. As this course is well explained and well summarized i highly recommend this course.

By Ryan B

Apr 19, 2016

I very much enjoyed this course. It gave a great introduction to Android programming for those who don't know any android programming to start with. I recommend this course as a place to start.

By Krushnali T

Jul 4, 2021

When you are hungry to know more to get better and you stumble upon a banquet....To make magic happen on this magic box is really a superpower. Thank you all for such a wonderful experience.

By Shahbaz Z

Aug 31, 2017

While learning this course found many new things which help me in other languages to, teachers have good skill and knowledge related to all areas of android development. they give us the very baisc knowledge examples but according to me it help lot to understand how android behaves. Love this course and refer this course to all starters. Make your hand dirty with simple examples and get extra fast speed later to do work in market. special thanks to all team of this course maker.

By Tskhay Y

Aug 1, 2017

Very useful course! Answers all my questions, helps a lot to understand the whole process of mobile development! THANK YOU for the opportunity to gain valuable skills in such an easy way of study!


Jun 10, 2021

This course and certificate is a best choice for all the people who wish to learn without limits.Thank you for giving me a chance to showcase a new talent and a step forward in life