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Professor Nader Tavassoli of London Business School contrasts traditional approaches to branding - where brands are a visual identity and a promise to customers - to brands as a customer experience delivered by the entire organisation. The course offers a brand workout for your own brands, as well as guest videos from leading branding professionals. The aim of the course is to change the conception of brands as being an organisation's visual identity (e.g., logo) and image (customers' brand associations) to an experience along "moments-that-matter" along the customer journey and, therefore, delivered by people across the entire organisation. Brands are thus not only an external promise to customers, but a means of executing business strategy via internal brand-led behaviour and culture change. You will learn and practice the following skills: 1. How to build brands from a broad organisational perspective 2. How to lead brand-led culture change with human resource practices at the core (i.e., brand as a lever and not just an outcome) 3. How to build brands in multi-brand companies, across cultures and geographies 4. How to measure brand health in new ways, that is, internally in addition to externally 5. How to value and capture returns to brands across the organisation - introducing the new concept of employee-based brand equity - and how this is different from the valuation of brands as intangible assets. This course allows you to develop the following aspects of yourself: 1. Head. Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving practice of brand management, one that goes further than practiced in most organisations today 2. Heart. Be motivated to engage in delivering your own brands – regardless of where you are in your organisation – thereby creating superior value for customers and for your organisation 3. Hands. Translate learnings into action. As Confucius is supposed to have said: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”...

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Mar 16, 2021

Wonderful! Professor Tavassoli did a wonderful job of breaking down the business, brand & behaviour alignment process.

Very insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you so much!


Oct 22, 2020

Professor Nader has been immensely helpful in bringing about a change in the way I viewed Brand Management. The course is well-framed with lots of good examples and interviews. A wonderful experience.

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By Orlando C

Jul 24, 2018

Far too basic. For someone who is completely unfamiliar with branding, there is much that you will get out of this. Less so if you have a working knowledge of either marketing or branding. Simply said, this course is not rigorous.

There is a consistent reference in the lectures to this course being a MOOC which after a short while caused me to believe that the graduate level course at LBS that this was based on is indeed more rigorous and this MOOC is "dumbed-down" to make it more accessible. In my view, deeper learning comes when a learner is challenged to think differently.

Assignments are not peer-reviewed for quality, just for content.

Some of the better moments in this course happen during particular case studies, notably Disney and Southwest Airlines. There are also a few great interviews with leaders of firms such as Unilever. I wish there were more of those moments, more in-depth rigor around the case studies, and assignments intended to reinforce learning.

By Sarika

Apr 20, 2020

Professor Nader has been immensely helpful in bringing about a change in the way i viewed Brand Management. The course is well framed with lots of good examples and interviews. A wonderful experience!

By Shumaila S

Oct 23, 2020

Professor Nader has been immensely helpful in bringing about a change in the way I viewed Brand Management. The course is well-framed with lots of good examples and interviews. A wonderful experience.

By Mr. S

Mar 17, 2021

Wonderful! Professor Tavassoli did a wonderful job of breaking down the business, brand & behaviour alignment process.

Very insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you so much!

By Preeti G

Apr 14, 2020

well researched and well compiled topics.

I would like to suggest some case studies of other continents too, as its a course with global audience.

Thank you Nader and the team for your efforts.

By Reem K H

Apr 3, 2020

The instructor is very friendly and uses interesting cases to clarify his points however, the reason why I am giving this course 4 stars is: 1- the course could have been reduced to 3 modules instead of 5 as it felt repetitive in some aspects.. 2- if you have a background in marketing, which I do, this course would only serve as a reminder and not brand new information which is fine I mean, it was still interesting to see how Professor Nader thought of branding and the cases he provided from Disney, Unilever, Lush etc.. were quite interesting but if you have a business degree, then you've probably been familiar with the concepts and info.

By Mael L P

Apr 24, 2020

Valuable course with some good takeaways for me. Personally, I benefited more from the first 3 modules, which I felt were more hands on in terms of learning theoretical concepts and applying them. I thought the assignments were relevant, but felt like they could have been a little more elaborate/challenging. I appreciated most of the guest interviews, particularly the P&G and Saatchi and Saatchi ones which were really insightful and engaging. My main critique would be that the lectures at times felt too conversational. There wasn't enough of a focus on theoretical concepts/frameworks to understand the material, particularly in week 4 and 5. I would have liked to see a slightly more academic approach, using models and frameworks to illustrate concepts all the way through.

Thank you Professor Tavassoli for an interesting course!

By Jeevan L

Jun 26, 2020

Prof. Nader Tavassoli has been so passionate and carries a wast amount of knowledge in the domain. Explanation with relevant company example has helped me to understand the importance of every topic in the actual business scenario. The quizzes were bit tricky though. The only suggestion that I would like to pass it on to Prof. Tavassoli is that - Consumer behaviour across the globe isn't the same. If western customers are concerned with quality, experience, Asian customers (Particularly in India) are concerned about price, probably that's why you might not have heard about brands such as - Mi, Realme, Honor etc. So please include examples from around the world. Many of the company strategies that you have explained cannot be as effective as it was in other parts of the world due to these demographic, cultural and psychographic changes.

Thank you so much Professor Nader Tavassoli

By rohit c

May 2, 2019

The great course really impressed my teaching skills of the instructor. The in-depth understanding of brands . Finally, to sum up, the course was great customer experience.

By Yogesh Y

Apr 19, 2020

The course gave a lot of new insights and teach much more about branding. Few things are less like if there will be more examples then it will easy to understand much better, and video which is embedded is so old so if they updated with new latest videos and examples then it will be more interactive.

But overall the experience it good, learn so much and great knowledge.


By madhupriya k

Oct 19, 2019

Great MOOC that shifts your perspective on Branding. I would definitely recommend this. Thank you so much Professor Nader Tavassoli.

Lots of positives;

1) Concepts are explained in clear concise and organised manner.

2) Interviews with prominent people, that are not just relevant to the topic of discussion, but also very inspiring and motivating.

3)Assignments at the end of each module that promotes evaluation and application of what has been learnt.

4) My favourite part of the MOOC was Case studies on various brands like Pampers, Southwest Airlines and many more.

Thanks again LSB and Professor Nader Tavassoli. In your words, it was a satisfying learning "experience".

By Chinmay N V

Mar 31, 2020

This MOOC is a very simplified version of a very important field in Marketing. The Assignments are devised in a way that it helps the student apply the learning of the course and better understand the topics. The MOOC will surely help build the basics for those looking forward to make a career in Marketing. Professor Nader's way of teaching is very good and his real and corporate life examples are easy to connect with. Great Job Professor Nader, London Business School, University Of London and Coursera for this wonderful course. Looking forward to learn more from LBS & Professor Nader.

By Vladislav U

Apr 17, 2019

This is a fantastic course! I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking for a fresh look at Brand Management. Professor is incredible in his way to deliver information and explain concepts which always come with example so you'll never be left in confusion. It's totally worth it, highly recommended.

By arpit v

Oct 9, 2021


the concept suggested are very crisp and clear. easy to understand and implement in our business and profession. the example shared were also very relevant and eye opener.

Thanks Again

By Becca C

Dec 12, 2020

Format of the course (mainly talking videos) gets very repeititive - would prefer accompanying slides and documents. The content could also do with updating - unfortunately a lot of this is about 5 years out of date now and so is less relevant for learning true practical applications

By Ninad B

May 21, 2020

The overall content was very generic. It needs to be more specific which can be applied in the real world.

By Roshini T

May 8, 2020

An exemplary MOOC on Brand Management by Prof. Nader Tavassoli. The course emphasises the various aspects of brand management in a unique way to conduce betterment in knowledge about the same. It is exclusive of prosaic explanations of existing theories and manifests an unusual way of inducing knowledge about brand management with the help of tangibles like a ‘Coat Hanger’ and ‘Newton’s cradle’. Furthermore, the course is inclusive of a number of interviews with remarkable personalities that incentivises huge takeaways. To all those who have keen interest in marketing, this is so far the best I have come across!

By Saurov A

Jan 29, 2019

This course is very effective and up to dated. I have learned a lot from this course. The relationship among Business, Brand & Behavior has been wonderfully crafted in this course. finally I would like to thanks to the course instructor for his friendly & easily understood lectures.

By Tatiana A

Nov 10, 2020

Such a brilliant course with an extremely engaging professor! My favourite Coursera Course so far! Full of useful information, presented in the best way possible! Filled with insightful interviews from amazing professionals! Totally Recommend!

By Giacomo S

Apr 11, 2020

The course was easy to understand despite the discussing about important concepts for the Brand Management. I consider this course a great starting point to dive into the ocean of Brand Management.


May 23, 2021

i applied for financial aid which was approved ,but why do i still have to purchase the certificate?

By Lakshay S

Mar 21, 2021

veryyy bad i didnt get the certificate after completion of the course

By Ajay J

Jul 14, 2020

This course provides me an opportunity to understand insides about world's leading Businesses along with their Brands journey and customer case study, As well as employer's and employees relationship with demonstrations, Presentations and Interview. This is my new learning in the field of business management. In this review, I would like to mention that i am going to pick up main concept to tacking away from this course is 3B's Businesses, Brands and Behavior which i like most. This will always require me to quote and reflect on the meaning of business management's core value.

By Sunita D

Jun 1, 2020

I was thankful for the coach/facilitator who helped me in enhancing my knowledge on Branding issues and giving new meaningful insights on different aspects of Brand Management.

Thanks once again!

By Michael M

Mar 26, 2019