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Professor Nader Tavassoli of London Business School contrasts traditional approaches to branding - where brands are a visual identity and a promise to customers - to brands as a customer experience delivered by the entire organisation. The course offers a brand workout for your own brands, as well as guest videos from leading branding professionals. The aim of the course is to change the conception of brands as being an organisation's visual identity (e.g., logo) and image (customers' brand associations) to an experience along "moments-that-matter" along the customer journey and, therefore, delivered by people across the entire organisation. Brands are thus not only an external promise to customers, but a means of executing business strategy via internal brand-led behaviour and culture change. You will learn and practice the following skills: 1. How to build brands from a broad organisational perspective 2. How to lead brand-led culture change with human resource practices at the core (i.e., brand as a lever and not just an outcome) 3. How to build brands in multi-brand companies, across cultures and geographies 4. How to measure brand health in new ways, that is, internally in addition to externally 5. How to value and capture returns to brands across the organisation - introducing the new concept of employee-based brand equity - and how this is different from the valuation of brands as intangible assets. This course allows you to develop the following aspects of yourself: 1. Head. Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving practice of brand management, one that goes further than practiced in most organisations today 2. Heart. Be motivated to engage in delivering your own brands – regardless of where you are in your organisation – thereby creating superior value for customers and for your organisation 3. Hands. Translate learnings into action. As Confucius is supposed to have said: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”...

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I was thankful for the coach/facilitator who helped me in enhancing my knowledge on Branding issues and giving new meaningful insights on different aspects of Brand Management.

Thanks once again!


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It was outstanding, as an Iranian, I have been fully satisfied with Mr. Tavassoli's great expertise in his field, I have learned a lot and may the best happens to all those who passed the course!

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By Alicia C

Aug 13, 2020

Very insightful course. All the real world examples definitely helped understand each of the concepts brought up on this course. However, the peer assignments were not really reviewed by peers, it gives the impression everyone is just trying to get a score no matter the quality of assignments.


Sep 28, 2020

I have a clear view on brands and brand images thanks to the content in these modules and the activities i got to do. The professor was really passionate about teaching and making the course work clear which made it very interesting for me as well.

By Jitesh L S

Nov 11, 2022

Not up to the point , course need to be update more

By Carolina Z

Aug 22, 2021

This course has no real structure and it is very hard to follow. It is more about lectures and experiencies but it does not give you any basics. I think it is catered moreso for Advanced students in economics.

By M. S

May 18, 2022

Awful start - no interest in continuing.

By Ahmad H

May 31, 2023

I want to unenroll myself

By Himadri D

Sep 2, 2023

Professor Nader Tavassoli Sir from the London Business School of the University of London has been so passionate and carries a vast amount of knowledge in the domain. Explanation with relevant company examples and case studies, along with module contents, has helped me understand the importance of every topic in the actual business scenario.

 Prof. Nader Tavassoli, sir, has been immensely helpful in bringing about a change in the way I view brand management. The course has well-framed, well-researched, and well-compiled topics with lots of good examples, interviews with CEOs, CTOs, COOs, entrepreneurs, and organizations top management, and live business case studies. A wonderful experience!

 The great course really impressed me with the teaching skills of the instructor. The in-depth understanding of branding, where brands are a visual identity and a promise to customers—to brands as a customer experience delivered by the entire organisation. Finally, to sum up, the course was a great customer experience. I was thankful for the coach or facilitator who helped me enhance my knowledge on branding issues and give new meaningful insights on different aspects of brand management, which aims to have a profound impact on the way the world does business.

By Muhammad K A

Sep 29, 2022

This course is exceptional for freelancers, executives, CEOs, brand developers, brand creators, learning about Brand Experience, Designing a Brand Experience for any business, How Brand and Business are interlinked, brand behaviors and brand image to customers. This course really delivers on its Course Purpose (Product Brand Purpose) to instill amazing understanding and skills for Brand Management. This course has included interviews and studies on some of the most powerful brands of the contemporary world markets, like APPLE Unilever RB PG Saatchi & Saatchi Brand Evaluators Harley Davidson London Business School Harvard MIT Old Mutual and so many other influential companies that is shaping today's consumer products and experience landscape. Although, it is designed to be completed in 5 weeks, I spent full attention and focus to complete in 2 weeks time as I was going through my career-shift from freelance copyywriter and researcher to project manager. Professor Nader Tavasolli is really a world-class academician and researcher, he has delivered several studies to establish his point that Brand is the Spirit of every business and People are soul of Brand Behavior.

By My A N

Sep 16, 2020

This course is amazing thanks to instructor, Mr. Nader Tavassoli, Professor of Marketing from London Business School has been so passionately inspiring in his mission to transfer the knowledge through insightful lectures and interviews with Brand's Managers as well as Business Owners to interview about real branding scenarios and cases, in order to get to the root of why they did what they did of the activities when it comes to managing a brand in businesses. I was able to learn and approach the new academical, yet practical way of learning branding and understanding brand management. Additional to learning, how to apply the knowledge in solving branding problems through assignments has been truly helpful to me as the assignment was designed to be realistically activating what I have just learnt into tools that I can use in business and brand's issues. I wouldn't say this course is easy for beginner, however, if you are passionate about building brand image and managing brand's reputation, this course is a great challenge that will be rewarding in the end. Thank you for the course!

By Anna

Sep 7, 2022

Dear Professor Tavassoli,

Thank you so much for this wonderful course! I really was surprised when you said it was your first experience. Wery well done! I like the way you give information, especially the following:

- Visual elements as assossiations (great idea with coat hanger), boxes (russial dolls) etc. - it helps to understand and remember the idea;

- Many interviews with real business people, managers who knows the business inside the compny and can share their real experience.

I like the balance between theory and practice. I like how siply you can explain difficult things. I like the structure of the course and I am happy that made this choice to join your courses.

The only thing that has dissappointed me is a ban from Coursera to issue the Certificate for Russian students. It's a pity and very sad. People from all over the World have the right for education regardless of nationality. I hope Coursera will unblock this and i will get my long awaited Certificate.

Wish you sussess, prosperity and many grateful students.

Take care.

Kind regards,

Anna Tsvetkova.

By thiyanesh w

Dec 6, 2020

This content of the course are worthy but little bit old. It was created in 2015 but missed to update with latest scenarios. This brand management topic is very much important one so it demands up to date contents to understand them and make wise decisions based on knowledge gained from this MOOC. The professor Nader Tavassoli explains the concepts very well without boring. I love very much his way of teaching with little bit of smile all the time. Thanks to coursera for bringing me this wonderful lifetime opportunity of learning from the places where people like us not even able to see. Heartful of thanks to you. You break all the knowledge sharing barriers in this society with your organization. Definitely it will pay off in the near future. You will see the dramatic positive changes in the society which you sow with your organization.

By Banoeng-Yakubo C

Apr 17, 2021

Course has been excellent. Modules are easy to grasp. Prof you have made a great impact in your style of teaching - clear, concise and easy to understand. The exercises you design and to-dos you designed have inspired me to look at things differently going forward. My perception of what brands and brand building are has changed completely for the better. I have learned skills in how to build brands in an organisation with one or multiple brands . The lessons in brand management will help me greatly to engage in delivering my own young brand. Thank you for the opportunity Prof and I will always recommend it to others. You are doing a great job in your journey of teaching which is product focused. Thank you and success in your endeavours.


By Mohamed M

Aug 10, 2021

Prof Nader Tavassoli did an awesome job with this course. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants an understanding of the impact of Brand to an organisation and/or to you own business.

I look back at my MBA studies and this course would have been essential in understanding how the business, brand, customer behaviour can be a positive value to any company. The two elements of customer experience and employee value proposition with respect to Brand is some of the essential ingredients of successful business. I am fortunate that I have done this course now, because I am setting up a startup and would be essential to set the right tone and foundation for my Business. Thank you for the time, effort and dedication in putting this great course together

By Alejandro B R

Apr 26, 2022

Me parece un curso que cualquier persona que se encuentre en puestos de liderazgo debería tomar. Es importante que comprendamos la integridad de nuestras marcas y sepamos que hay muchos rubros, situaciones, etapas y procesos donde probablemente estemos ignorando lo que representa y ello podría perjudicar nuestro desempeño integral. Comprender que la marca no solamente aplica de cara al cliente, sino internamente también.

El contenido es muy completo, las evaluaciones tienen el nivel de pregunta que te exige la comprensión del mismo y Nader es excelente desglosando la información y traduciéndola por medio de ejemplos y situaciones que realmente te ponen a reflexionar sobre la importancia y todo lo que representa ser una marca.

By Celeste T

Sep 10, 2023

I recently completed a Brand Management course as a BComm Marketing student, and I must express my profound appreciation for this course.

This program not only met but exceeded my expectations. It provided a comprehensive understanding of brand management with a perfect balance of theory and practical application. The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate, creating an engaging learning environment. The inclusion of real-world case studies enhanced my skills and prepared me for the evolving field of brand management.

In summary, I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a solid foundation in brand management. It's a valuable experience that will leave you well-prepared for your future career in branding.

By Sania R

Aug 14, 2022

The course was delivered and designed very carefully and interestingly in a way that really inspired me. Professor Nader Tavassoli conveyed the course and its core concepts in an incredibly intellectual way with great examples that allowed students to thoroughly understand all the concepts in this course. Moreover providing examples of such famous companies that have faced adversities as well is really motivating to those that are starting from scratch. The course really centralised the three main aspects of business: the customer, employees, and the brand itself. Thank you for this wonderful course and the knowledge handed down to me through it. Looking forward more of these!

By Rannan N

Apr 16, 2020

what an amazing learning experience, the course was very relevant to the present brand management scene ,the delivery and content of the teacher Sir Nader was exceptional,the refrences through videos or articles were very relevant to better understand the topic being taught,the interviews with professional from the field of study and them sharing their experiences all made for an awesome and wholesome learning process.thank you for this ,and I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wants to persue a career in Brand management or understanding Brand business and behaviour.once again a massive thank you for making a course of this calibre available.

By Claire G

Oct 20, 2020

The course itself was well structured, challenging and definitely taught me a lot. It defines things well and was presented in an engaging and interesting way. You understood the different way people learn and adapted the style to engage. The only part of the course that I didn't think worked was the peer review system. I failed a lot of entries because they didn't answer the question or show any understanding of what had been taught. To keep the course relevant and to the standards of LBS I think this is one area that might let it down. Also, peers that graded my work just left one word answers and I got the impression that they hadn't looked at the work.

By Andres O

Oct 6, 2020

Thank you, prof Nader Tavassoli. While you stressed it was difficult on your end of the course, it came across to me very thorough professional and easy to understand the concepts. Very much like your approach incorporating business language with practical examples. By the way, I travel quite extensively ( least before COVID), and I hate seeing hangers which required "assembly." I am a U.S. sales director for an international pharmaceutical company (Lundbeck). My additional duties include being on the U.S. Marketing brand team, so your course helped contribute to our brand marketing. I would definitely look for a course you are teaching. Cheers

By Ajit A I

Dec 1, 2023

"Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand, and Behaviour" is a gem for professionals looking to elevate their brand management skills. Course Faculty, Mr. Nader Tavassoli's expertise and the thoughtfully designed course structure make it a valuable investment for anyone seeking to make a significant impact in the world of branding. I highly recommend this course to those eager to delve deep into the intricacies of brand management and emerge with practical, actionable knowledge. Kudos to the London Business School and the Instructor Nader Tavassoli for delivering a course that not only educates but inspires! Best regards, Ajeeth Arjun Irkal

By Letlhage H E M

Jul 11, 2022

This course could not have come at the right time for me to clarify the true essence branding in a business and the related (internal and external) behaviours with respect to busines to business and business to consumers (at all levels) of customer journey and experience. We are on a trajectory to influence residents to appreciate their surroundings, environment, and resources as a means to generate critical investments to stimulate investments. Thus the 3Bs, 3Es, and the 6As are fundamental to help us drive a plausible and convincing venture . Thanks for the great insights received in the different interviews with the diverse enterprises.

By Paola P d B

Mar 6, 2023

Well-distributed information, perfect presentations from professor Nader Tavassoli and dense concepts.

The course has a lot of interviews with employees from various kinds of companies, and this gives more applicability to all concepts presented.

It's a great course for professionals who love branding and want a deep understanding of the subject.

For me, it took a long time to finish the course, and I wrote so much through the modules. So, I wouldn't say that this is a light course, you need to be really focused to absorb all the knowledge.

This course is pristine and makes me want to go to the University of London to learn so much more.

By María P R S

Jul 9, 2020

I really really loved the course! The professor Nader Tavasolli explain in easy but direct terms the branding concepts. He is an excellent professor, he explained with a facility and with emphaty eventhought it's virtual, I feel that i could get all the concepts. If i had the opportunity I would take another course with him. And regarding the course, the topics were incredible! The way of doing and perceiving branding is changing and professor Tavasolli explained us why and how to deal with it. Also the interviews that the professor did were very helpful to get to know those concepts from the experience of people with long trajectories

By Abdu E

Mar 23, 2022

The course was very useful for any one who have a dream to start a business, bring positive transformation in way brand management is being perceived/treated  in most of growing traditional and modern business communities. I am grateful to take this course and I hope it will open new opportunities. I am also very grateful to professor Nader Tavassoli for his perfect and inspiring lecture, effort to share the experience of prominent business personalities in the MOOC. I am also thankful to Coursera for providing me a financial assistance and opportunity to take and complete this course. for me the whole experience was enlightening

By Amna

Jun 21, 2020

By completing the Brand Management Course with Professor Nader Tavassoli, I was able to benefit from a variety of new branding terms and aspects, as well as to refresh my memory on things that I already knew and that was part of my role at work, just need to learn and a reminder about. Since we are currently working from home, I had to manage my time in completing the course learning video modules, quizzes, and assignments on time. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but sooner I managed it. This course has taught me many things that will be helpful in my role at work as a marketer and to my future goals, wherever that may be.