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Welcome to English for Business and Entrepreneurship, a course created by the University of Pennsylvania, and funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of English Language Programs. To enroll in this course for free, click on “Enroll now” and then select "Full Course. No certificate." This course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in learning more about the global business economy. In this course, you will learn about topics and language necessary to succeed in the international workplace. You will explore business English through authentic readings and video lectures, while learning about business vocabulary, concepts, and issues. Unit 1 will provide an introduction to entrepreneurship by examining ideas, products, and opportunities. In unit 2, you will learn about the basics of market research, including how to identify an opportunity. The next unit in the course will focus on business plans, why these plans are important, and will give you a chance to practice composing a business plan. In the final unit of the course, we will present basics for funding a business and will help you create a persuasive presentation, or pitch, based on a business plan. Unless otherwise noted, all course materials are available for re-use, repurposing and free distribution under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license. Supplemental reading materials were provided by Newsela, which publishes daily news articles at a level that's just right for each English language learner....

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Oct 1, 2020

All thanks to Mrs Nichols and Mr. Redeil.

I am looking forword to be in physical touch with Mrs. Nichol and Mr. Redeil. , I have lernt so much from them and their education method was so effective.


Nov 5, 2016

What an entrepreneur need from describing your idea, market research, writing a business plan to making a persuasive pitch, the key element to attract potential investors. I do recommend this course

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By Abiola U

Feb 25, 2019

English for Business and Entrepreneurship course is a good and interesting course, i had fun learning.i'll definitely recommend the course to my loved ones. Kudos to the brain behind the course.

By Elle M

Dec 5, 2018

I enjoyed participating in this course because it was easy to follow, the structure was logical, a lot of repetition, a lot of useful specific vocabulary that was extremely well explained. Fantastic teachers! Thank you very much and I wish you all the best for your future! I also liked that the schedule was flexible and a learner was given a chance to take a test again in case it was not successfully completed for the first time.

By Lê V H K

Mar 1, 2020

With this course, I can have more knowledge in doing business, starting from having ideas to having funds and operating the startup. Hope to learn more about business process through other course.

By Irene M

Apr 10, 2021

I really learned a lot in this course. It refreshes my English grammar and sentence construction. It gives me an idea of how to create a business plan and how to present it to a client or investor.

By Nadjmeddine D

Nov 29, 2023

Really enjoy it, with interactive features and relevant knowledge to both English and Entrepreneurship. Just be passion and try to focus and learn, take notes and follow till the end. Good luck! @E3nnovation

By Ammar S

Nov 6, 2016

What an entrepreneur need from describing your idea, market research, writing a business plan to making a persuasive pitch, the key element to attract potential investors. I do recommend this course

By Bairma D

Sep 6, 2016

This course was very useful for me in terms of remebering the Busines and Entrepreneuship concepts. This course is designed in easy and simple way to get knowledge on specific vocabulary. Teachers speak not fast and it is great for those who just starts to learn English for work or passing language exams. Course also have very bright, clear images, definitions and moreover it includes grammar classes. I can definitely advise this course that is led by teachers from Penn Unniversity.


Feb 24, 2020

I have understood the whole business process right from conceiving an idea, Market Research, startups, Risk factors, Creating Business plans, and marketing through social media, Investment sourcing, through social media, Venture capitalists By presenting with necessary stuff like business plans, market research and business plan and financials.

Not just the above business process, as well as i have improved the Business vocabulary.

Even if you are an entrepreneur already, this course will help you understand more about the entrepreneurship.

Thanks Coursera Team.

Jeyakumar Subbiah

By Francois

Jan 27, 2017

A cornerstone course for anyone wanting to improve their English with focus on Business & Entrepreneurship. Takes you through setting up you Business and the English you might need. Good Course!

By Puchit H

Aug 28, 2017

I'm so lucky that I have found this course.

This is such a great course that provided me with an opportunity to study what I want to learn for free and with the very good quality and quantity.

It took me a month and a little bit but it is worth my time

I really appreciated all the lesson that you have done for us, teacher.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

The way you teach is very easy to follow along with very memorable vocabulary and informative information.

After learn each lesson I develop myself a lot I gain more vocab and I can understand the business vocab which is very impressive. I can talk like I am a business owner or a start up business.

I can even catch up the subject at my university more easily ^_^

I love this course

THis is one of my favourite course.

THank you so much University of Pennsylvania.

for giving me a chance to study even though I don't have the money or I can't afford the price of the real course or studying aboard but I still can study here online at my home. After finish this course I'm planning to write a letter to this course and I hope that the financial aid is still available for me since I can't afford the fee.

all in all, I would recommend all my friends and give 5 stars to this course and the teachers :)

I love this course and I'm much more confidence on the business part :D

I'll be the business owner in the near future and at that time I owe this course ^_^

hope one day, I could have time to visit this university and both of you, my lovely teacher.

hope you have a great day and a healthy body ^_^

Czech Puchit Hongsawat, Thai student that has curiosity and passion in starting up his own business and become a good man like Elon musk in the future :)

By Nouiga N

May 16, 2020

Coursers opened my eyes and my mind, i was fried to start my dream being as a Entrepreneur, but diving deeper in this course made me feel confidant about going ahead and get what i'm dreaming for.


Jul 3, 2017

This course is very useful for me. I could learn not only English but also about entrepreneurship. I could learn how to write a business plan and have written brief business plan in the assignement. Beside I could learn Pitch- persuasive conversation to investors for our business plan. Teacher James Riedel and teacher Amy Nichols, the lectures of the course, are very good at teaching. They speak very clear English and so most of the learner can understand well. I suggest everyone to enroll this course and do assignment regularly. You will gain much knowledge and have fun.

By Chrysavgi P

Jan 19, 2020

This course helped me to develop certain skills such as how to create a Business Plan, how to conduct a Market Research as well as enrich my English Vocabulary on Business and Entrepreneurship. I really liked the combination of interactive features and relevant knowledge especially the instructors' videos because they were pleasant and beneficial at the same time. I do recommend this course.

By Putra P

Apr 15, 2019

This is an outstanding course.

The bad thing was someone copied my work and plagiarize it and uploaded it as their work. It was about the business plan about Keto Brownies. The culprit name was "Sara Imran Butt". Unfortunately I didn't know what action was taken against the person because Coursera never got back to me again on the issue.

By Neema E M

Jun 19, 2020

This is a great course and best opportunity for anyone who wish to start business. A knowledge and skill imparted in this course will definitely help anyone to start a business and become successful


Oct 24, 2019

This Course is perfect for any kind of person who wants to start a business or wants to be an entrepreneur but lacking sort of Information and Ideas of how and where to start the business . From this lesson you'll get to learn how to connect with investors and how to use your innovative ideas. I could write a lot here but It will be better if you just enroll this course and go along with it. It is so much fun to learn here. Even if you enrolled here for free you'll be a successful person in life if you followed these chapters later in your life.

Thank you Cousera, Thank you "English for business and Entrepreneurship" and Thank You - UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA.

By Dalia I M

Jul 13, 2017

i recommend that course for every one who is looking for next step in business and English business it is very handy and simple and the most is the instructor they are amazing


Feb 10, 2020

honestly, when i decided to follow this class i didn't know that the teaching would be as perfect as i found it. classes are well organized and the knowledge are grasped easily without even any revision. furthermore the external stool is just wonderful and a had fun all along . i will for sure recommend this class to my family friends and social medias to let them get the same opportunity me. thanks to coursera and thanks to the university of Pennsylvania and its tutors. i hope to purchase a certificate soon.

By Ebenezer T M

Aug 4, 2021

Awesome and eye-opening course! It especially taught me more about entrepreneurship, challenged me to come up with viable business ideas, conduct market research and use the data to make decisions, and write a winning business plan.

I'll strongly recommend it to my network!

By Arsh A

May 23, 2020

Concepts were explained in a easy method and helped me a lot. Also gave a lot of skills and methods of communication. Helped conducting market research and creating a business plan. Thank you !!!

By Munnara S

Apr 13, 2020

English for Business and Entrepreneurship is best for English learners in this field, as well as who wants to get basic knowledge about Business and Entrepreneurship.

The course consists a lot useful and informative articles and due to covered dozens of vocabulary.

To be honest, I didn't expect so could be engaging through the all weeks.

In brief, I would strongly recommend you Coursera.

Thank you, lovely teachers and The University of Pennsylvania ❤️❤️❤️

By Geetanjali D

Mar 20, 2017

What a fantastic course! It covered everything an entrepreneur needs to know in 5 weeks. I learnt the meaning of Venture Captalist, Equity owner, angel investor and so many other terms. Making the business plan was the topmost skill i acquired as that really gives one a clear picture of where one stands now and after 3 years.

The videos were very clear and articulated the points very well. I will give this a 10 / 10.


Apr 28, 2020

The course gave me a wonderful opportunity to know and understand the basics of business. The language used is simple, clear, and inspiring. Though, I had no idea of starting a business initially, after attending the classes, I am enthused to start one on my own and also want my children to study the business concepts in their early they can become best entrepreneurs in the future. I recommended my children to pursue these courses. I am profoundly thankful to the university and organizers of the course and wish them all the best. I am also thankful to Sri Pradeep Kumar, who introduced this course and website to me and in helping me in proper utilization of time during the lockdown due to COVID-19

By Kevin C P

Aug 17, 2017

I think this course delivers what is expected from it. It has given me a true and precise introduction to Business and entrepreneurship, while refreshing some well-known concepts about economics and finance. I'm inmensely grateful towards Coursera because this has given me the opportunity to continue learning and perfectioning my English and has also given me hope, as to dream on having my own business in the future. I think this platform is very easy to use, very explicative and I was able to understand the teachers' every single word, in spite of English being my second language. I appreciate all the effort put into this course and the whole Distance Learning program.

By Aydın H

Oct 2, 2020

All thanks to Mrs Nichols and Mr. Redeil.

I am looking forword to be in physical touch with Mrs. Nichol and Mr. Redeil. , I have lernt so much from them and their education method was so effective.