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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Communication in the 21st Century Workplace by University of California, Irvine

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About the Course

The workplace is more diverse than ever before. As the world population grows and our connectivity increases, it is common to work alongside colleagues from different generations, life experiences, cultures, genders, orientations, and religions. The increased diversity coupled with the shift toward remote and hybrid work environments means it's more critical than ever to develop appropriate communication strategies and practices. This course will teach you to identify and adapt your own communication style to not only increase team productivity, but also build bridges with colleagues from all backgrounds. By the end of this course, you will be able to: 1.Identify your own communication style 2. Describe methods to increase effective communication 3. Discuss how changing demographics affect workplace communication 4. Differentiate between the five working generations and their communication preferences 5. Identify the communication benefits of different work environments, such as in-person, virtual, or hybrid 6. Discuss effective techniques for communicating with a diverse workforce 7. Implement a flexing communication strategy to better communicate with one’s workplace team...

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Dec 1, 2020

I learned new strategies to effectively communicate with peers, direct reports, and executives. This same strategy I can also use in communicating with other people besides the people you work with.


Apr 26, 2020

The content of the course was good. Lectures were effective which iincluded joint discussions. . I especially liked the last statement after every lecture "where ever you maybe have a great time"

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Apr 20, 2020

It was a great course came with combination of video and text. Concise, meaningful, and relevant information was delivered smoothly and clearly. Different communication techniques can be learned from this course. Thank you so much.

By Stephen R

Oct 8, 2015

So I went into this not so sure about it but it's actually a fun little course. The instructor is actually really entertaining and makes what could be a very dry and boring topic interesting to hear about.

By Subhrajyoti B

Mar 7, 2023

This is soo good and helpful for me . IF you are thinking about it, i can tell you that just go for it.. there is many thing in this course is about to learn . I am sio grateful to com0plete this course..

By Vivek S D

Oct 8, 2020

This is a highly informative course for professionals willing to upskill their communication skills to adapt to the 21st-century virtual working environment. Highly recommended.

By Abdullahi W

Sep 19, 2023

Hi there, this is Abdullahi My reflection on this course is differently changed me more effectively communication thank you coursera and the university of california,irvine

By Rivu C

Jun 23, 2021

The course is very helpful to scrutinize your mistakes made during corporate communications and ways with deal with different situations with different strands of people.

By Aqsa N

Nov 24, 2021

I learned a lot of new things here. Some good techniques to apply and some fun stories as well. The course duration is ideal for busy people. The quizzes were easy too.

By Rehman A

Sep 29, 2020

The content of the course was good. Lectures were effective. I specially liked the last statement after every lecture "where ever you may be have a great time"

By Εύη Σ

Jan 15, 2021

If you want to be granted inefficiency working fields you should try the course of this new age, Thanks for been granted the chance to participate in it.

By Abhijith M

Aug 5, 2020

The course was well structured and the instructor ensured that the key aspects were covered which make for a great communication guideline. Best Wishes!!

By Aditya B

Apr 10, 2020

this course really good and very much interactive teachers are very good and their method of teaching is very good and student can understand easily

By Alexandra S M

Oct 30, 2020

Nos va a ser muy útil a la hora de trabajar en una empresa para saber como nos debemos de comunicar con nuestros compañeros de trabajo y los jefes.

By 1008_Akash S _

Feb 4, 2022

It helped me greatly to understand the communication skills needed for a workplace and gave me a good insight on the behavioural aspect of a team.


Aug 2, 2020

very unique and insightful learning. this really helped me in learning communication in various ways. good talkers make this easier to understand

By Dejan P

Feb 21, 2016

Really well designed course, with lot of examples from world-class games. This course was very useful for my work, as I work in gaming industry.

By Dara F

May 11, 2018

I never knew there was so much more to learn in communication, I'm excited about my new knowledge and can't wait to share it with my trainees!

By Marie

Feb 2, 2016

Great Course, really discusses how to communicate effectively in todays business environment at any level and how to choose best platform too.

By Bharti B

Jul 23, 2021

Highly recommend this course to working professionals who are joining fresh or are in the system for long and need to update their key skills

By Natalie G T G

Nov 2, 2015

I love this course, its very helpful and practical. I also like how the course is short and get to the point.

Thank you very much .

Natalie :)

By Barkan S

Oct 20, 2015

great course.. top class collection of articles to help in communication. Most of the knowledge is in the articles then the videos themselves

By Junnalie C L

Nov 28, 2020

Communication in the 1st century workplace course widened my understanding ang help me develop how to behave properly in my workplace thanks

By فرحان ج م ا

Aug 18, 2023

برنامج متميز شكرا جزيلا لك وجزاك الله خيرا وبارك الله فيك

Excellent program, thank you very much, may God reward you, and may God bless you

By Ali A M S

Apr 19, 2020

It is a great course. The course improved my communication skills in both internal and external work environment. Striving for more curses.

By Valarie s

Jan 17, 2018

The course has given me valuable information and insight. The teacher is articulate, thorough and the information is easy to understand.

By kadiatou k

Sep 13, 2020

Learning about the fundamentals in communication whether oral or written, in person or virtual, I learned enormously from this course.