Configure Secure Workloads Access using Azure Networking

Configure Secure Workloads Access using Azure Networking

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Understanding Azure networking is essential for implementing other Azure services. If you plan to deploy Virtual Machines in Azure, mastering Virtual Networks is crucial. In this course, you’ll learn how to secure your resources through network isolation and segmentation. Additionally, you’ll discover how to protect your resources from malicious traffic and block unauthorized access using Azure Firewall. This short course offers hands-on experience with these fundamental Azure networking services.

What's included

1 reading

In this foundational Lesson, you will prepare your own lab environment with a free trial of Microsoft Azure. Then we will explore the trial’s features and options throughout this lesson and short course, to prepare them for use in their real-world environments.

What's included

2 videos1 reading1 assignment1 ungraded lab

In this lesson, you will learn about key Azure networking skills essential for deploying and managing resources securely and efficiently. Each year, more companies are backing up and/or migrating servers into the cloud. In the past, the steps to set up a network, integrate it with applications, add security, and monitor the server were arduous and manual, including having to set up hardware, wiring, and software. Today, cloud products such as Azure offer a single software solution to perform all these duties, including a built-in monitoring solution to keep servers working, updated, and as secure as possible. Lastly, because Azure is a cloud product, the servers can be managed from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

What's included

3 videos1 reading1 assignment1 ungraded lab

In this lesson, you will be able to fully understand the concept of routing for the purposes of segmenting networks, discoverability, and location of Internal and Externally facing address/location of networks. It will also introduce the policy of best practice and standardization of policies regarding virtual network routing.

What's included

1 video1 reading1 assignment1 ungraded lab

In this lesson, you will be able to fully understand how Network Security Groups fit into the grand scheme of Azure Virtual Networks with regard to providing security at the network level, by controlling traffic to and from Azure resources. We will also look into defining rules to allow or deny traffic based on source/destination IP addresses,

What's included

1 video2 readings1 assignment1 ungraded lab

Consider this lesson the icing on the cake for traffic control of Azure resources. In this lesson, you will come to terms with how everything that has been covered so far, will keep your Azure environment as safe as possible with regard to traffic security.

What's included

1 video1 reading1 assignment1 ungraded lab

In this lesson, you will be able to solidify efficiency, security, and review how-to concepts to the Virtual Networks first created in this course. These concepts, demos, hands-on labs, and questions were designed to complete your learning about Virtual Networks in the Azure portal and this final lesson aims to prepare you in applying these concepts back in your own enterprise.

What's included

1 video1 reading2 assignments1 ungraded lab


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