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Corporate Finance Essentials will enable you to understand key financial issues related to companies, investors, and the interaction between them in the capital markets. By the end of this course you should be able to understand most of what you read in the financial press and use the essential financial vocabulary of companies and finance professionals....

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Jul 12, 2019

Being a non-finance background, this course has cleared so many basics and fundamental. Videos are very useful, instructor has tried to make all the concept very simple and easy to understood. Thanks.


Sep 25, 2020

I like the structure and the tests and ease of learning and note taking. supporting documents also were very helpful. the instructor was very well explaining the materials and examples. Thank you.

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By Azeem M

Dec 16, 2018

This is exactly what I needed to refresh my basic theoretical concepts. Professor Javier Estrada taught brilliantly and the additional reading material immensely aided in cementing the knowledge acquired through his videos.

By Matheus M d U X

May 1, 2020

I came from a background of Engineering, having worked for 4 years in a startup where I actuated in the technical and sales working-fronts. Apart from being personally interested in investments and personal finances, I didn't have a solid ground on corporate finances. This course helped me to materialize the logic behind the relationship between investors and companies, teaching me key concepts on how this exchange develops and based on which criteria. Corporate finances usually comprise several layers of knowledge, the meaning of acronyms, the mathematical formulas for each one, the practical meaning, and lastly the true understanding of that practical meaning. Professor Javier Estrada makes concise and clear explanations that allowed be to absorb these four levels of knowledge. Besides, I feel know I have a more clear picture of the systemic view on investors, corporations, and the results that are expected from them.

By Vishal V M

Jul 13, 2019

Being a non-finance background, this course has cleared so many basics and fundamental. Videos are very useful, instructor has tried to make all the concept very simple and easy to understood. Thanks.

By Ankur S

Mar 18, 2018

Excellent Course. I had tried a couple of other finance courses on the portal. The structure and methodology of this one was by far the best. The lectures tell a concept, followed by readings which are written in a very interactive and thought provoking way. The exercises in the quizzes do test your ability to perform the calculations in excel for the problems. So some practice is needed to be able to pass the quizzes. Some core finance folks may find it easy. Absolutely new to finance may find it difficult. I had a little background, so worked perfect for me. Sometimes, the prof seemed to be going a little too fast. That's where the beauty of the platform lies. Stop. Rewind. Review again. Overall Excellent course, content, structure and delivery.

PS: Would be a great help if slides are also shared in a downloadable form (currently not available, and had to take notes separately)

By Apurv B

May 15, 2020

One of the best courses available for understanding core concepts of corporate finance. Highly appreciate the fact, how professor Javier Estrada focused so much on making the basics more clear with a lot of practical examples rather than going into the mathematics. Even someone with no financial background like me, can understand how the basic corporate finance of large firms works.

By Navya T S

May 23, 2020

The course was very well driven by Javier sir. It was explained in a very simple manner and the complimentary readings and quizzes were very well designed. Enjoyed and learned lots..Thank you!

By Lian S

May 28, 2017

The content is not bad, but the pace is very very slow. It can be certainly shortened to 2 weeks.

By KuoChao H

May 21, 2017

Professor Javier Estrada uses very intuitive way to teach the course. I can learn the basic concept without knowing lots of numbers and calculation in the course. Combine with the supplementary readings, I understand more about the meanings behind the formulas and it gives me more interesting to go back to the course. I strongly recommend this course to those who want to know the basic of corporate finance.

By Richard O

Mar 16, 2019

Professor Estrada has a great ability to break down corporate finance theory in plain language and give practical examples to grasp the essential knowledge that required by a general manager.

By Roshan P

Jun 6, 2020

This course was very engaging. Professor Estrada explained the concepts very nicely and was easy to follow. This was a good introduction to corporate finance. I highly recommend this course.

By Jose C

Dec 4, 2016

Probably the best course I have taken so far in Coursera in terms of time spent versus depth and quality of concepts learnt, and I enjoyed, too! A very simple, intuitive, straightforward and amenable way to learn the fundamentals of corporate finance. Although the name of the course may seem slightly intimidating to non-financial professionals, it turns out that Professor Javier Estrada manages to explain every single concept in a simple and practical way. It has helped me adjust, consolidate and expand my understanding of concepts that I had touched upon earlier in my career such as risk versus return, correlation, diversification, project evaluation, the CAPM or the WACC. Also introduced me to the essential concept of value creation in corporations. It has given me a deeper and broader perspective on issues on which I was already numerically proficient such as IRR and NPV, and yet Prof. Estrada does this with a few, simple sentences and examples. The readings are genuinely didactical. I must thank Prof. Estrada and the IESE team for this outstanding learning experience. Muchas gracias!

By Khan A L

Aug 31, 2020

To build up challenging career in globalization Financial environments this career this course helps me.

To be a perfect professional Characterd Accountant it's needed.

The position of (Chief Finance officer) CFO, CEO, Finance Manager are expected to help to improve knowledge day by day.

Business Finance is today challenging career, Corporate Finance Essentials course helps me to understand the changing financial environments and also competitive markets.

It increases my professional knowledge. The era of globalization, there are various types of organisations, companies involved with competitive markets knowledge of various types of finance markets and Corporate Finance Essentials give me an opportunity to reach my career goals.

To understand global economic growth better understanding of Corporate Finance Essentials and Finance markets are essential for this reasons this course helps me to match challenging career

Thank you very much.

Your sincerely,

Khan Abdul Latif

Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh

By Vignesh M

Jun 13, 2020

The teaching style and methodology are exceptional. The professor just highlights the key points in every lecture and builds upon it, thereby enhancing us to think. Later, he goes on to explain what those terms mean and how they integrate into the corporate finance structure. This is a course I would recommend for anyone who's interested in Corporate Finance. As a beginner, I never experienced any difficulties in understanding any concept. The course is simply amazing and is highly recommended for anyone wishing to pursue a career in Corporate Finance. The course is well-planned and the level of difficulty increases gradually so that you don't face any difficulties in understanding the content. Overall, an outstanding effort by IESE Business School and Coursera.

By Minas-Marios V

Sep 3, 2016

Amazing course, from an exceptional professor! The instructor is very explanatory and uses several examples to make sure that the course's concepts are understood. I only had a very small background on Finance before taking this course, yet I managed to grasp all that was tought very well!

On a special note, I also loved the accompanied course material provided. It is comprised of a few chapter samples from two of the professor's books and it has a very engaging and easy-to-understand writing style!

I reassure you that this is one of the best courses on the subject that Coursera has to offer and I would be very excited if it had a follow-up course in the future!

By Kartik N

Jun 20, 2020

A very intuitive course totally on the point of understanding things. Mr Javier is really awesome as he was able to make distinction between what we may be knowing and what he wants us to know. I understood every bit of it i had already studied these thing in my chartered accountancy but with knowing how to solve question but not knowing what really the number tells. I think anybody who really want to know corporate finance should take this course totally practical will give many new point on the same thing which you may be knowing already.

By Duppala S H

May 13, 2020

The mentor has provided a very clear and lucid explanation of all the concepts. The course covers all important concepts of corporate Finance explained in a theoretical way with few examples for a better understanding of course takers. A lot of effort has been put forth by the mentors in preparing the technical notes & quizzes which are really important in gaining extra and practical knowledge. Finally, I thank the mentor from the bottom of my heart and recommend this course to anybody interested in Finance related courses.

By Jorge M V

Jun 29, 2018

Fantastic essentials course! Mr. Javier Estrada is a wonderfull professor, very active and very easy to understand. It becomes nearly impossible to not pay your full and undivided attention to Mr. Javier Estrada and that is a really positive thing for learning any material, not to mention finance and economic terms. Thank you for this Mooc. (The only thing I'd say they should improve if the English Subtitles, as sometimes they do not correspond with what the professor is saying, but aside from that, a great Mooc)

By Juheon K

May 3, 2017

I decided to take this course to revise what I learned for the last 4 years in business school.

I did not expect it to be excellent like this. I think this Corporate Finance Essentials is better than the Corporate Finance I had before in my university-sorry for my faculty lol

Thanks to this course, I was able to improve my knowledge and learn something small and trivial but very useful at the end.

I highly recommend this course if you would like to know what the principals of finance would be like.

By Lahiru R

May 11, 2020

This was an excellent course. I work in strategy but my background is commercial, which means I am accustomed to using figures provided for the company without a great deal of understanding of the concepts. This course was exactly what I wanted, to help me understand the concepts behind the numbers and the nomenclature. It was structured in a very logical way and I liked Professor Estrada's teaching style, very clear in his communication and using real world examples to bring the ideas to life.

By Kalyan P

Nov 27, 2016

It was a very informative course and helped me learn a lot about finance. It touches upon the crux of the subject, the important bits, without going into too much depth, perfect to obtain an initial idea for someone who is not from a finance background but is interested in pursuing a career in finance, business or just the curious individual who needs an understanding of the finance jargon and help related to investing in the market yourself.

By Misael G

Aug 19, 2023

Excellent course! All topics and concepts are explained with great detail. Useful skills that any executive or manager can employ right away.

Profesor Estrada is a high caliber academic and I am profoundly thankful for his contribution to Finance education and his sharp and interesting way to present the concepts and their real life application. His books are a must for anyone who want to get deeper into the material presented.

By Caio T

Apr 10, 2020

Thanks to this course I could strengthen my knowledge of corporate finance and better understand the evaluation of investment projects. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the material provided by Professor Javier Estrada, IESE Business School and Coursera. You will find study cases which analyse big corporations such as Starbucks, Apple and Yahoo, what I think values the lessons. I recommend it and think it's time worth.

By Emanuel M

Sep 8, 2016

Extremely useful course, lecturer explains concepts really well, one of the best courses I have taken. There is a required reading, but even the videos cover everything. The examples given were explanatory and, also, the course offered many comments on investment strategies that every person should know in my opinion.

In general, I learnt a lot, but then again I didn't have any background on this topic before.

By Munyaradzi M

Oct 4, 2023

The course was professionally prepared and presented with passion, enthusiasm and astonishing level of attention to detail. The readings and videos compliment each other so well that learning becomes so interesting. The case studies are well researched and provide very useful practical side of the intuition contained in the lectures. Well done to Professor Javier Astrada and IESE business school.

By Humberto B

Apr 23, 2017

It is the best course I've taken in Coursera and EDX, it made me want to continue studying because prof. Estrada was very understanding in his financial terms and approaches.

I searched for more courses in this matter (financial/business) with IESE but did not find anything else. Would really recommend to your Business School to sell a MBA or more alike diplomas with this exact type of teaching.