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Learner Reviews & Feedback for DDoS Attacks and Defenses by University of Colorado System

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About the Course

In this MOOC, you will learn the history of DDoS attacks and analyze new Mirai IoT Malware and perform source code analysis. you will be provided with a brief overview of DDoS Defense techniques. You learn an Autonomous Anti-DDoS Network called A2D2 for small/medium size organizations to deal with DDoS attacks. A2D2 uses Linux Firewall Rate limiting and Class Based Queueing, and subnet flood detection to handle various DDoS traffic types. You learn the new Intrusion tolerance paradigm with proxy-based multipath routing for DDoS defense. By developing and deploying such a new security mechanism, you can improve performance and reliability of the system at the same time and it does not have to be just an overhead. By the end of this course, you should be able to analyze new DDoS malware, collect forensic evidences, deploy firewall features to reduce the impact of DDoS on your system and develop strategies for dealing with future DDoS attacks. For the pre-requisites, we recommend the learners take the Design and Analyze Secure Networked Systems course to learn the basic security concepts and principles and take the Secure Networked System with Firewall and IDS courses to learn the basic firewall and IDS systems....

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This course is one of the best course related to Network security. Additional resources were very useful especially the thesis about A2D2 network. Questions are also very nice and conceptual.


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I got to learn many thing regarding Network Security which will help me in future.

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By Dennis A

Apr 1, 2020

Good Job

By Rajesh K

Sep 5, 2023


By Mr.Ishank M

Nov 3, 2023


By Sourav K

Jul 16, 2020


By Donald R L D

Aug 15, 2022


By Isha J

Jan 3, 2022

Week 3 parts could be remade as they are not very clear. I had difficulty in understanding the accent of the instructor but the subtitles were great help. A good course with lots of resources and in-depth clarity of mostly all concepts.

By Ahmed R I

Apr 23, 2020

Very Good

By Kaveh G

Sep 23, 2020

Good basic content but instructor hard to understand and the subtitles are not correct.

Needs updating of content and more recent examples.

By Mykhailo K

Apr 16, 2022

The given information is overall good, but the user experience of the tests is very bad due to many coursera bugs


Sep 11, 2023

overall course consents are god but question and answer in quiz's are so disorderly.

By Jack C

Apr 30, 2021

Need a faster pace

By Dan T

Feb 15, 2023

I noticed that not a single person mentioned how poorly this course was written. There are numerous typos throughout the course: spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, poor sentence structure, and so on. A few of the quizzes even have incorrect answers. I looked up Dr. Chow and I see that he earned his PhD way back in 1985 at the University of Texas, so why is his English still so poor? I mean no disrespect, but by now one would think that his English would be almost perfect. Even stating that, why didn't he have anyone proofread his writing and fix it? However, if someone else wrote the course, then why did he allow so many errors in the course? It's just mind-boggling. I'm here to learn, not to decipher broken English. I could understand if this course were from another country, but it's from the University of Colorado system, so the course should have been much better written. Anyway, I gave the course two stars, since despite the poor writing, there is useful information in it, otherwise it would be a one star class to me for sure.


Mar 16, 2023

Very hard to understand, as well very boring. Test were all over the place as well thy were not aligned correctly


Aug 25, 2022

the language is the problem ....the course is very uninteractive .

poor lecturing