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Introduction to DevSecOps


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What you'll learn

  • Understand the foundational principles of DevSecOps, emphasizing seamless integration of development, security, and operations.

  • Learn to identify and address security vulnerabilities throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring robust and secure deliverables.

  • Grasp the power and significance of automation in DevSecOps, streamlining processes for efficient and secure software releases.

  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration, where development, security, and operations teams work in tandem for optimal outcomes.

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There are 2 modules in this course

Understanding and Implementing DevSecOps! In this module, we'll explore the core principles of DevSecOps, emphasizing the cultural shift it represents in integrating security into software development. Videos 1 and 2 introduce DevSecOps and the importance of breaking silos to promote collaboration among teams. Video 3 compares DevSecOps with DevOps, highlighting the added security dimensions. In Lesson 2, Video 1 covers key DevSecOps principles, Video 2 explains the Shared Responsibility Model, and Video 3 emphasizes security considerations across the development lifecycle. Finally, Lesson 3 focuses on security automation, advocating for the Shift-Left approach and integrating security tools into the CI/CD pipeline for enhanced efficiency and robustness. Join us in mastering DevSecOps to create secure, reliable, and collaborative software applications. Let's dive into Module 1 and embrace the DevSecOps mindset.

What's included

14 videos5 readings4 quizzes1 discussion prompt

Leveraging Tools and Best Practices in DevSecOps! In this module, we will explore the essential tools and best practices for successful DevSecOps implementation. The first set of videos will provide an overview of popular DevSecOps tools, a deep dive into using static and dynamic security analysis tools, and insights into leveraging container security tools. Moving on, we'll delve into key best practices, covering how to integrate security throughout the SDLC, handle security incidents, and examine successful security automation implementations. In the final part, we'll look at emerging trends in DevSecOps, building a career in this field, and the ongoing evolution of DevSecOps and its impact on the IT landscape. Get ready to enhance your skills and knowledge in securing software development processes using the right tools and methodologies in this exciting DevSecOps journey.

What's included

12 videos4 readings4 quizzes


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