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Financial Accounting: Foundations

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Gain insight into a topic and learn the fundamentals


(4,242 reviews)

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Accounting is the language of business. Managers communicate the results of operations within a firm through accounting to various financial information users including investors and creditors. In this module, you will explore various users of accounting information and the main financial statements they use to acquire accounting information. You will develop an understanding of the particular type of information provided by each financial statement and how financial statements are related to each other.

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10 videos4 readings4 quizzes

The starting point of financial statements is individual financial transactions. In this module, you will learn how to code financial transactions in accounting language and how to build main financial statements from these coded financial transactions. This bottom-up approach will help you appreciate the impact of various financial transactions on main financial statements.

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5 videos5 readings4 quizzes

Fundamental accounting concepts and revenue recognition principles are at the heart of coding financial transactions in accounting language as well as preparation of financial statements from these coded financial transactions. Real life transactions are reflected in financial statements through the lens of these concepts and principles. A good understanding of these concepts and principles will help you understand the type and the nature of information you can learn from financial statements.

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One of the major components of a balance sheet is short-term assets, which are assets that can be converted into cash within a year. Accounts receivables and inventories constitute a major part of short-term assets. Understanding accounting for these accounts will help you uncover how these accounts change over time, their valuation, and their usefulness in managerial decision making.

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