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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Hadoop Platform and Application Framework by University of California San Diego

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This course is for novice programmers or business people who would like to understand the core tools used to wrangle and analyze big data. With no prior experience, you will have the opportunity to walk through hands-on examples with Hadoop and Spark frameworks, two of the most common in the industry. You will be comfortable explaining the specific components and basic processes of the Hadoop architecture, software stack, and execution environment. In the assignments you will be guided in how data scientists apply the important concepts and techniques such as Map-Reduce that are used to solve fundamental problems in big data. You'll feel empowered to have conversations about big data and the data analysis process....

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Very good overview, but not extremely in-depth. It's a great course to get an understanding of the concepts and you can investigate deeper later into the topics that interest you.


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I'm forced to give 5 stars. I don't want to have a certification on a poor quality course (another coursera mistake). This material needs tremendous amount of work to get finished and revised.

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By Prachi C

Nov 23, 2015

Although, the course looked very promising, I was quite disappointed with the content. The Map-reduce lectures were sub-par the Coursera standards. Spark lectures were incoherent. It took me a couple of hours to decode the problem assignment statement.

By Alejandro G

May 16, 2016

I feel that the course is teaching you just content, it does not provide enough explanations or reasons why it is set up that way. I feel it is a bit superficial and a bit too wide, I would prefer a narrower and more detailed course.

By Iolanda M d A F C B

Jan 3, 2016

I won't be able to complete week 5. I can't understant the syntax of Spark so i could not complete the "simple join" assignment. I was stuck on the first instruction and i couldn't find any help on the video, slides or discussions.

By Rodolphe L

Dec 6, 2015

Mr Tatineni has a very poor diction and the course was boring with no clear and concrete examples. It was a tough time to complete this course but I was motivated and hoped it would be better after Tatineni's course (it is).

By Ricardo M C

Feb 15, 2016

This is a mixed bag. I had a lot of problems following Dr. Zonca's videos. Moreover, I needed to guess some of the questions in the quizzes because the explanations given did not cover... nor even hint... the answers.

By Yury P

Nov 14, 2015

I hesitated between two and three stars as this course is the first in Big Data area. But content is so poor and delivery is way below average of 20+ courses I've completed in Coursera, so I decided to go with two.

By Aku-Jaakko S

Feb 14, 2016

The course structure was a bit all over the place - it wasn't clear why we were learning the tools presented to us. The modules didn't build on top of others, so the overall experience was a bit mixed up.

By Steeve B

Nov 21, 2015

Don't waste your time or money on this specialization. The information and quizzes are of low quality for the money. I'm very disappointed about the quality of this MOOC coming from this university.

By Derek B

Dec 20, 2015

Started off strong, but the second assignment became too much of a side distraction into Python. For me the time investment/reward was not worth it, however it may be something worth looking at if

By Shyam K

Sep 27, 2020

Poor as the last week (week-5) had so much trouble. The programming questions were not mentioned correctly. The last Spark lecuture videos were terrible as the English delivered was very poor.

By Marcus A

Nov 15, 2015

Provides some good information and a high level conceptual view of the Hadoop Platform, but lacks in explanation of the practical execution. Assignments are difficult to follow.

By Will J

Nov 14, 2015

Very shallow content in the lectures and quiz questions are disconnected from lecture material. Would not take this course again. Very important topic but poor execution.

By Antony S

Jun 19, 2016

I'm sorry but it was really hard to follow along the lecturer, to slow and hard to listen to at points.

The quizes where not to in sync with the lessons i feel.

By Gwendolyn G

Nov 13, 2015

This class failed to deliver on high promises - not enough hands-on application, too many unexplained buzz words. I'd avoid courses like it in the future.

By Deleted A

Mar 29, 2016

Stuck with an assignment for a month now and cannot find a way to look for help. Did what was asked for in the assignment, but my code wouldn't execute.

By Mingda J

Mar 27, 2018

Cannot hear the lecture of the HDFS part clearly, the professor's accent is heavy and speaks fast. Even the subtitle cannot recognize it.

By Tianchi M (

Jan 7, 2019

Too few coding practices. The Indian instructor's voice is too vague. The instructor of Week 5 needs to practice his oral English :(

By Asad I

Jan 3, 2016

Very poor delivery of lesson 3. Please review the videos. There is a massive disconnect between the course material and exercises.

By Luis D

Feb 28, 2016

Poor Support Material (rigid and bad format), Assignments not easy to follow, very low support and much unanswered questions!

By Gustavo S

Mar 28, 2016

More excercises needed.

Also, We need the detailed step by step in excercises specially if students are not programmers.

By Edoardo G

Mar 31, 2016

It's a well structured course, but it doesn't provide all the programming knowledge to complete the assignments

By Mikael J

Dec 30, 2015

Bad sound quality. Uneven volume settings. Some teachers have a pronunciation that is hard to understand.

By Matt T

Jan 30, 2016

Pretty simplistic treatment, practical excersises not very practical or challenging. Glad I didn't pay.

By Marcelo T

Jan 11, 2016

The exercises/assignments were much more complex or confusing comparing with the presentations/classes.

By Vaishnavi P

May 24, 2019

Lot can be improved in teaching the course in an effective way. This is from the week 1 course