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Introduction to Domain Models

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Kal Bugrara

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Gain insight into a topic and learn the fundamentals

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This course is part of the Information Systems Foundations Specialization
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There are 4 modules in this course

In this module we will explore the concept of domain modeling by revisiting the university model we touched on in earlier modules. In this module, we will review a comprehensive depiction of how a university system operates, encompassing crucial elements like courses, schedules, student experience, and the connection between student needs and university offerings. As software engineers, understanding domain modeling becomes essential, as it serves as the foundation for building effective registration systems and provides a graphical description of the physical situation that guides the design of the underlying application, mapping directly to software code.

What's included

5 videos9 readings1 assignment1 discussion prompt1 ungraded lab

In module 2, we will examine the university case and the actual process of transforming the design into code and making effective decisions along the way. We have already addressed the hierarchical structure and broken down components into simple and deliberate entities. Now, the focus shifts to writing code strategically, starting with the class or component with the least dependency. Throughout this module we will explore decision-making in code implementation to create real value from designs.

What's included

3 videos5 readings1 peer review

This module we will pivot to explore a different framework through another case study: this time we will be focusing on Xerox.We will learn about the challenges that faced Xerox and consider possible design solutions that will help Xerox’s problems. As we get into the material in this case, it is important to remember that paying close attention from the very beginning is essential to driving transformation and solving complex problems.

What's included

2 videos4 readings1 ungraded lab

This module we will continue our exploration of the Xerox Range Pricing Model. Last module we explored user tasks for the Xerox sales team. Now, we will dive more into transforming the process used by Xerox into an actual, working software design system.

What's included

3 videos6 readings1 programming assignment


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