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About the Course

Welcome to Learn to Speak Korean 1! This course is for beginner students who are familiar with the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. Through this course students will learn the skills essential for daily interactions with Koreans while living in Korea. This course consists of six modules, and each module is composed of five units. Each unit has vocabulary, grammar and expressions, conversation practice, video clips, quizzes, a workbook, and vocabulary lists. In order to assist students with their independent studies, Korean learning materials such as lecture notes, workbooks, and vocabulary lists detailing each day’s lecture are also provided. The vocabulary lists are accompanied by English, Chinese, and Japanese translations. I hope that you enjoy all this program has to offer over the next six weeks. After studying in this program, you will be able to have a real Korean conversation with your newly acquired knowledge of the Korean language. Thank you! Your Course Team Chief Contents Developer: Sang Mee Han Contents Developers: Bock Ja Lee, Yoo Kyung Choi, Ha Min Cho, Ju Eun Kim Production Assistants: Jin Hee Kim, Eun Hye Kim...

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Nov 17, 2022

Excellent course. I learned a lot of the basic words and phrases to speak to my Korean friends in their native language. Very easy to follow and the practices helped the learning and listening skills.


Aug 31, 2021

Perfectly explained in each short videos. Learnt a lot of the basic grammars, vocab and phonetics. Now, just need to practice speaking it out loud. =) Hope to have "learn to speak korean 2" though. =)

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By Shirley C M N

Apr 13, 2024

Personalmente el curso me a encantado. Abarca varios temas como gramática, vocabulario y cultura. Que dejen pdf con los temas de cada clase y deberes, es realmente útil ya que puedes seguir repasando luego de la conferencia

By Khushboo I

Sep 7, 2020

This was the best experience for me, I always wanted to learn Korean and this course gave me the opportunity to start my journey to learn this beautiful language. I'm really grateful to the people who initiated this course.

By Chloe B

Jun 15, 2020

I loved this course so much! I wish their was a Learn to Speak Korean 2, I would pay for it. The professor delivered the material in a light and easy to understand way and I really liked how the lessons built on each other.

By Mikaela B

May 24, 2020

Very easy to follow and understand, as long as you have a strong understand of the alphabet beforehand! This course definitely helped me further my ability to put sentences together and understand more of the grammar rules.

By Vaishnavi S

Dec 11, 2021

I can learn many things from this course. Now I can speak fluent korean with my korean friends. Thank you YONSEI UNIVERSITY for teaching me korean. Thank you sooooooo! much. I can complete my dream to become an K-pop idol.

By Sandra

Mar 13, 2021

Me encantó el curso, pues es una herramienta básica para dominar el coreano. Las clases son muy bien explicadas, así mismos las evaluaciones se me hacen un excelente complemento para la verificación del proceso de estudio.

By Maria E B R

Nov 11, 2020

Excelente, me quedo con ganas de pasar a otro curso más avanzado. La forma como está estructurado me parece excelente y muy didáctica. Muchas gracias por su esfuerzo y dedicación. He aprendido mucho de su cultura e idioma.

By Nadine A

Apr 25, 2017

I'm really happy with how 선생님 handled this course. It really teaches how to apply Korean in daily settings. I hope there would be another course soon and I'm looking forward to learning more from Yonsei University. 감사합니다!!

By Anna M

Dec 20, 2020

Большое спасибо за курс! Все очень понравилось. Объяснение понятное, много примеров использования грамматик, достаточно диалогов, даже есть задание для проверки. В тестах тоже все понятно. С удовольствием прошла обучение.

By Lady K C C

Nov 18, 2020

Les agradezco nuevamente por la oportunidad nuevamente del curso, es un proceso en mi camino por el aprendizaje de este idioma tan diferente pero que a la vez me llama mucho la atención. Gracias por esta gran oportunidad.

By Rocío G

Jun 22, 2020

Aprendí a pronunciar mejor. Me sirvió a incorporar mejor la gramática y la conjugación verbal. Me ayudó a reforzar lo que ya sabía. ¡Muchas gracias por hacer contenido de este tipo! Se aprecia el esfuerzo y la dedicación.

By Natalia V

Jun 1, 2020

La metodología del curso me pareció muy buena, con videos cortos y concisos, bien estructurados con una parte de vocabulario, una de gramática y una de ejemplos. Además del material extra que es muy útil. Muchas gracias!!

By Kamila

Apr 21, 2020

Las clases son muy fáciles de seguir, ya que el ritmo es bastante moderado. Se habla sobre vocabulario, gramática y diálogo. La teoría está muy bien explicada e incluso hay ejercicios para practicar lo dado en las clases.

By Nicholas D

Aug 23, 2019

I have learned much useful grammar and vocabulary that has seriously improved all aspects of my speaking. If you want a simple curriculum to learn from that engages you in real-life situations, this is the course for you.

By Alyssa T

Mar 14, 2018

The course outline is very organized and the teacher speaks English very clearly. I've enjoyed the videos of the dialogues so much. Thank you Yonsei University and I am excited for Level 2 course. I hope to see you again.

By Paola a c

Jul 2, 2017

me encanto el curso; es muy practico y dan ejemplos del diario vivir, los vídeos son fáciles de entender, se los recomiendo a las personas que no solo quieran aprender el coreano, si no también conocer algo de su cultura.

By Marina

Feb 6, 2017

I really like and enjoy to follow your course but do you know, if by chance, there will be some Mooc's (maybe more advanced) in French. I wish you all the best and look forward discovering the "Learn to Speak Korean 2.0".

By Ertha A N

Jun 15, 2021

Through this course I can improve my Korean language skills. Professor Sang Mee Han explanation was also easy to understand. Learning Korean feels more fun with this course. Thank you Professor Sang Mee Han and Coursera.

By Daisy G C

Dec 7, 2017

i loved the interactive speaking and pronunciation help, also the real native speaking dialogue helps as well. Because for me the easiest was reading it and speaking but harder to understand what the listener was saying.

By Rantika R

Oct 31, 2021

thank you for your accept to me joined this class. this is amazing experience for knowledge in the class. so causes in this class to bring me explore in Korea. i hope this pandemic goes away fast. and i can go to korea

By Bea R

Apr 25, 2021

A really great beginner class. It was easy to follow along and the professor had great lecture videos. The added pdfs made practicing when I'm not on the computer much easier. Excited to continue my Korean learning now!

By L B

Apr 19, 2021

Thank you to Professor Sang Mee Han and Yonsei University for providing a well structured, presented and informative course. I would highly recommend to anyone new to the Korean language. Many thanks I thoroughly enjoy.

By Montserrat

Jun 5, 2020

This course is amazing! I learn much, and I understand much better all the words in Korean.

Thank you so much Yonsei University for this course. I hope can have one course more for continue and finish learn Korean.


By Claire L

Apr 13, 2020

It was very easy to understand but at the same time, it was fun learning the language. Many examples were given in each module which was useful in helping me understand the contexts in which the terms/verbs can be used.

By TMU黃春芷

Sep 13, 2022

Through this course, I learned about Korean language and grammar of it. I also learned about the vocabulary and talking skills that can be used in daily life, such as ordering food, buying clothes, shopping, and so on.