Blockchain Developer Salary Guide: How Much Can You Make?

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Explore roles, responsibilities, and salary ranges for careers in blockchain development.

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Blockchains or, decentralized and encrypted databases, are a prime example of disruptive technology. The value of its applications has become apparent in recent years as use cases such as supply chain management continue to emerge. These circumstances mean that the demand for blockchain developers is high [1]. Interested in learning how that demand translates into compensation? Use the guide below to discover blockchain developer salary insights and career opportunities.

What does a blockchain developer do?

A blockchain developer designs, develops, and tests blockchain systems and applications. There are two types of blockchain developers: core and software. Core blockchain developers work on system architecture. They manage cybersecurity measures and supervise the blockchain network. Blockchain software developers design and create applications for blockchain platforms.

Blockchain developer requirements

There are several ways for aspiring blockchain developers to gain the expertise needed to perform an entry-level role:

  • Professional Certificates. Degrees are not the only way to prepare yourself for a role in blockchain development. Employers may accept or even prefer candidates with certifications in relevant areas of expertise. Someone interested in becoming a blockchain software engineer may consider the IBM DevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate.

  • A combination of credentials and experience. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning how to become a blockchain developer. Suppose you are transitioning into blockchain development from a related field.

Blockchain developer salary

Glassdoor puts the average blockchain developer's salary for all years of experience at $119,614 [2]. This figure can be broken down into three levels of expertise:

1. Median Entry-Level Blockchain Developer Salary (1-3 years:) $117,711

  • Range: $53,000 to $272,000

2. MedianIntermediate Blockchain Developer Salary (4-6 years:) $119,652

  • Range: $49,000 to $308,000

3. Median Senior Blockchain Developer Salary (7-9 years:) $123,845

  • Range: $45,000 to $354,000

The data above is based on information collected by employers and employees who use the Glassdoor platform as of May 2022. Comparing salary insights from several sources is an excellent way to gain a broader perspective of the blockchain industry. For example, ZipRecruiter reports a higher average blockchain developer salary among their users—$154,550 [3]. If you are interested in learning about salary ranges from specific companies, consider searching for salary information by the employer. For example, Microsoft’s average base salary for blockchain developers ranges from $101,710 to $115,935, according to Glassdoor [4].

Blockchain developer jobs

Between 2020 and 2030, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 13 percent job growth, including 667,600 new jobs, in the computer and information technology field. In addition to above-average job growth, computer and information technology positions typically offer above-average salaries [5]. The following sections examine blockchain developer career paths, requirements, and courses that may help you get started. 

Core blockchain developer

Job duties

  • Management of blockchain network security

  • Integrations between blockchains and other services

  • Development and optimization of blockchain protocols

Essential skills

  • Cybersecurity 

  • Software development

  • Data structurization

  • Blockchain architecture

Getting started

Blockchain software developer

Job duties

  • Develop software and applications for blockchain platforms.

  • Research and maintain blockchain infrastructure.

  • Implement software features and verify functionality.

Essential skills

  • Decentralized application (dApp) expertise

  • End-to-end software design and development

  • Knowledge of blockchain architecture

  • Data structurization

Getting started

Smart contract engineer 

Job duties

  • Develop smart contracts.

  • Audit smart contracts.

  • Translate business goals into technical requirements.

  • Communicate with users.

Essential skills

  • Smart contract programming languages like Solidity

  • Business expertise

  • Software development and testing 

Getting started

  • Smart Contracts from the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York

Blockchain quality engineer

Job duties

  • Ensure and manage the quality of blockchain development.

  • Write and implement software testing.

  • Handle automation initiatives and dashboards.

Essential skills

  • Engineering

  • Project management

  • Software development and testing

Getting started

Get Ahead with Coursera

If you are new to the field, consider taking an introductory course like Meta's What Is the Metaverse? or Blockchain Foundations and Use Cases. Those transitioning from a related role may benefit from a narrower specialization, like Blockchain Business Models or Decentralized Finance Infrastructure.

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