Accredited diploma

Offered by University of Pennsylvania

Taught in English

Engage in group discussions with professors and peers

16 – 40 months

10 courses total, six core courses and four electives

100% online

Earn an Ivy League degree on your own schedule.

$3,200 USD/course + $144 USD fee

Tuition and fees are posted as a guide and may be subject to change

The only online Ivy League master’s degree in computer science designed for students without a computer science background.

The online Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) degree is a first-of-its-kind graduate-level degree program in computer science tailored for non-computer science majors. Offered by the University of Pennsylvania, this program brings the long-running, established on-campus MCIT degree online This program empowers students without computer science backgrounds to succeed in computing and technology fields. MCIT Online students come from diverse academic backgrounds ranging from business and history to chemistry and medicine.

Computer science might not be in your past, but it will be in your future. Technology has an immense impact on our lives, and is creating fields and positions that didn’t exist five years ago. Equipped with a competitive computer science degree, MCIT Online graduates will be uniquely positioned to fill roles in finance, healthcare, education, and government, as well as in the core software development industry. Exposure to real-world projects throughout the program will prepare students to utilize skills that positively impact society.

This program fosters a rich and inclusive community for students, granting access to core university services that support their well-being and future career goals. This support, combined with a strong alumni network and career services, prepares students to succeed even if they are new to the tech industry. Upon completion of the degree, MCIT Online alumni have gone on to earn jobs with competitive salaries at leading technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Bloomberg.

What makes this degree unique?

  • Ivy League Quality A first-of-its-kind program that offers an Ivy League master’s degree in computer science designed for non-CS majors.
  • Scholarships Penn Engineering Onlines provides financial support to selected online Master’s students in order to further the University’s interest in attracting an academically talented and diverse student body, who will be successful in advancing the school’s mission of scholarship, teaching, and research for the public good.
  • Built Around Your Schedule The coursework is 100 percent online. You’ll benefit from the same high-quality instruction as on-campus students and graduate with the same degree. The diploma does not indicate whether the degree was earned online or on-campus.
  • Accessible Pricing The cost of the MCIT Online degree is significantly less than on-campus alternatives and most online master’s degrees in computer science. Students pay $3,200 per course unit for a total of 10 courses units. Tuition and fees are posted as a guide and may be subject to change.
  • Diverse Backgrounds Welcome Emphasizing impact and inclusion, the MCIT Online program strives to transform the field of computer science by infusing it with diversity by every measure. MCIT Online students hail from 39 different countries and 42% of MCIT Online students are women.
  • Try before you apply Penn Engineering Online offers a Specialization, Introduction to Programming with Python and Java, on Coursera to help you decide whether the MCIT Online program is the right fit before you apply.
  • Real-world, project-based learning Core courses and electives taught by world-renowned instructors blend computer science theory and applied, project-based learning. You’ll have the chance to use real-world tools and environments such as TensorFlow and Amazon Cloud.

Applications for the Spring 2023 cohort are now open! The regular application deadline is October 10, 2022.

MCIT Online accepts applications for the fall and spring semesters.

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Get familiar with MCIT Online content by taking Penn Engineering Online’s Specialization, Introduction to Programming with Python and Java. Even those with minimal or no prior programming exposure can learn Python and Java, two of the most well-known and frequently used programming languages in the world today.

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About the Program


The online Master of Computer and Information Technology degree (MCIT Online) is a rigorous graduate-level program that offers talented students with no prior experience in computer science an opportunity to embark on a highly successful career in technology. The program accepts applications for fall and spring semesters.

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The MCIT Online curriculum is designed for students to build the strong foundation needed to pursue the graduate-level electives taken by students in traditional computer science Masters programs.

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Computer science and technology have the power to reshape your career and your life. Graduates of the MCIT Online program have gone on to pursue careers in diverse industries including finance, healthcare, education, and aerospace, as well as in the core software development industry.

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Student Experience

MCIT Online is about more than just the curriculum. Students in this program will have access to core services across the university to support their well-being and future career goals. Although MCIT Online students do not study on Penn’s campus, they are considered members of the Penn community.

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The University of Pennsylvania is a private, research-intensive university located in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Penn traces its origin to 1740 and continues to pursue the principles of its founder, Benjamin Franklin: invention, outreach, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the pragmatic unity of theory and practice. Penn’s educational offerings balance the arts and sciences with the professions.

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Penn Engineering offers online Specializations and courses on Coursera to help you decide whether the MCIT Online program is the right fit before you apply.

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About Penn Engineering’s MCIT Degree

About Penn Engineering’s MCIT Degree


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