Harinath Garudadri

Associate Research Scientist


Hari Garudadri recently moved from industry to academia to work on technologies that will (a) reduce the cost of healthcare delivery and (b) increase the reach of caregivers’ expertise to beyond hospital walls. Hari’s background is signal processing and he has practiced in diverse fields such as speech recognition, speech, audio and video compression, multimedia delivery in 3G/4G networks, low-power sensing and telemetry of physiological data, reliable body area networks (BAN), noise cancellation, and artifacts mitigation, among other areas. His contributions have been incorporated into cell phones and commercial networks. Hari has 40 granted patents (8 in BAN, 8 in audio, 6 in video, 4 in speech, 3 in biomedical signal processing, and 11 in voice recognition), and over 14 pending patents in biomedical signal processing and related areas. Prior to joining UCSD, Hari was at Qualcomm for 16 years in various roles, including multi-lingual speech recognition (English, Japanese, and Korean), speech and audio coding, and error resilient low power communications.