Miguel A. Centeno

Musgrave Professor of Sociology and Professor of Sociology and International Affairs


Miguel Centeno is Musgrave Professor of Sociology and Vice-Dean of the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA). He has published many articles, chapters, and books. His latest publications are War and Society (Polity 2016), Global Capitalism (Polity 2010), States in the Developing World (Cambridge UP, 2017) and State and Nation Making in the Iberian World (Vol I, Cambridge UP 2013; Vol. II 2018, Vol. III 2022). He is also working on a new book project on the sociology of discipline. He is the founder of the Research Community on Global Systemic Risk funded by PIIRS from 2013 ( This project has produced several journal articles and chapters and will result in two new books in 2021. He has served as the head of First College, the founding Director of PIIRS, head of PLAS, and chair of Sociology. In 2001, he founded PUPP.