Philip Peck

Associate Professor


    Philip Peck (PhD) has some 25 years of industrial and academic experience, working in construction and a global mining corporation for nearly a decade before entering academia. Dr Peck’s primary research foci are the environmental, socio-economic, policy, and market deployment parameters of new technology systems – particularly material loop closure, and low carbon energy, systems. Dr. Peck leads research into how industrial and social groups can adopt more sustainable production and consumption patterns, reduce resource consumption, and move towards low-carbon, and-or circular systems. Work in past years has included material cycle closure systems, emerging renewable energy systems, and industrial energy efficiency. These encompass techno-economic, environmental and socio-economic aspects of sustainability. He teaches at graduate level in areas including ‘sustainability strategies’ for organisations, ‘resource efficiency and material cycle closure’, ‘energy for sustainable development’, and environmentally adapted innovation processes. Dr Peck also engages in policy and industrial capacity building related outreach and has contributed extensively to the work of UNEP, UNDP, UNIDO and other multilaterals, principally in areas related to the mining and extractive industries. He has engaged in international expert committees, industry, and UN missions to some 20 countries tasked with improvement of the environmental, resource efficiency, and social performance of industry.