John Shulman

President, Alignor


A human rights attorney, conflict resolution expert, writer, filmmaker, activist and graduate of Harvard Law School, John Shulman has successfully litigated major civil rights cases, addressing educational segregation, housing discrimination, police abuse, and employment discrimination. He has served as Visiting Professor at the National Law University, Delhi (India) and Fundaçao Dom Cabral University (Brazil), and has conducted conflict resolution and negotiation training for advocates, students, teachers, judges, lawyers and community leaders in the United States, Africa, Brazil, the Middle East and India. He has provided conflict resolution training to the UN and facilitated dialogue among leaders with the Harvard Program on Negotiation Middle East Peace project. Mr. Shulman has written numerous novels, non-fiction books, short stories and articles about human rights and social justice. He also co-wrote, directed and produced the award-winning civil rights film JUSTICE. Learn more at