Caio Avelino

Data Science, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning


Creative, innovative, enterprising and restless professional. I am interested in the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. I have knowledge of the tools, languages ​​and processes of these areas. I love challenging myself and learning everyday, I am a typical problem solver. I have never been at a time in my career when I was not taking a course or dedicating myself to any project. Dynamic, flexible and autonomous environments catch my eye. I have been working in startups for some time and have been evolving my learning exponentially. I have a passion for data and extract relevant insights for a business to leverage, performing complex analytics, building dashboards, automating and creating Machine Learning models. In addition, I value the dissemination of knowledge in the places where I work and, therefore, I conduct training to help colleagues and students. Graduated in Electrical Engineering at Unicamp and had the opportunity to exchange to Australia in 2015 for Monash University, located in Melbourne. Graduated in Data Science at Data Science Academy and studying Artificial Intelligence at the same platform.