Ayelet Sela

Assistant Professor


Ayelet Sela is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law. Her work unites research in law, social science and technology to explore issues of dispute system design, procedural justice, law and technology, and courts. Dr Sela’s current research agenda includes examining the impact of procedural design and choice architecture on users of online legal processes. She also explores how court procedures and judicial regulation should adapt to the scarcity of trials and the common current functions of civil courts and judges. Finally, collaborating with researchers from the BIU Data Science Institute, Dr Sela studies ethical and privacy risks in digital legal instruments and considers the potential of regulating them through automated governance tools. Previously, Dr Sela was the socio-legal research coordinator of an ERCfunded research on judicial conflict resolution, a legal auditor in the Israeli Ministry of Justice, a fellow at the Gould Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Center and the Codex Center for Legal Informatics at Stanford University, and a legal clerk for Justice Eliezer Rivlin of the Israeli Supreme Court. Dr Sela holds a JSD and JSM from Stanford Law School and an LLB from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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