Dr. Bart Van Zeghbroeck is a professor of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He holds an MS and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from CU. Prior to joining CU in 1990, he was a researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technoloy in Boulder, CO and at IBM in Rüschlikon, Switzerland. His area of expertise is semiconductor devices and he has authored an on-line textbook entitled “Principles of Semiconductor Devices”. His research focus has been on III-V optoelectronic devices and circuits, silicon optoelectronics, silicon carbide bipolar transistors and more recently the growth of cubic silicon carbide. While on leave from CU he has managed a variety of startup companies including PowerSiCel as CTO and BaSiC 3C as CEO. From 2009 to 2016 he was the Director of the Colorado Nanofabrication Laboratory, a member of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network. Dr. Van Zeghbroeck has authored 114 peer-reviewed publications and 22 patents.